Do you think a 3 hour examination can judge a student's capabilities/abilities?

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Hola ! The board examinations of 2017 have started in all the States of India. These days scenario of parents dropping their child outside the examination hall is very common, some parents wishing them luck, some encouraging them to perform well,  some of them may be pressurizing their children to achieve 90-95% for their betterment.  
But do you the 3-hour examination can judge a student's capabilities/abilities?? Should we assume that the student should perform according to their parent's expectations or societies expectations? 

But according to a survey, a child is expected only to learn! The examination cannot judge their capabilities/abilities!

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Thomas Edison said: "Tomorrow is my exam but I don't care because a single sheet of paper can't decide my future." 

This are the words of famous scientist Thomas Edison and it is fact that 3 hour examination can judge a student's capabilities/abilities because the capabilities/abilities can be judged by choosing from a variety of methods to assess your students’ prior knowledge and skills. Some methods (e.g., portfolios, pre-tests, auditions) are direct measures of students’ capabilities entering a course or program. Other methods (e.g., students’ self-reports, inventories of prior courses or experiences) are indirect measures. Here are links to a few methods that instructors can employ to gauge students’ prior knowledge.


No, a 3 hour examination cannot judge a person's skills and capabilities. Academic competence and intelligence are not straightforward to measure and no method will fully capture the scope of a student's ability. 


Life is a process of learning and we learn a lot of things since our childhood and a three-hour examination does not always judge a person's capabilities.

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