Realisation factor-Individuality

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Realisation factor-Individuality

“Yes, I have decided and I am very clear about it, I am going to die”, said Annie to herself. “I cannot stand this anymore. I have to die. At least my parents will be happy with one daughter. Annie is not as fast as Bennie, not as brilliant as Bennie, not smart enough, not good looking, does not behave like a girl, she is tomboyish. Comparisons, comparisons, comparisons. I am tired of this. It is high time; I go from this hell”.

"But how to die? I do not know how to die. No wonder mom calls me by all names. I do not even know this".

It was morning, “Get up Annie”, said Bennie.

"Mom, she is not getting up”.

Ben ran out of Annie’s bedroom. Sara was in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

“Ted, please wake up Ann, I am busy in the kitchen”.

“Ann, wake up, it’s time for school”, said Ted.

Annie didn’t move. Ted called for Sara.

“What happened, Ted”?

Ann is not moving and breathing.

“What, exclaimed Sara? She is acting. She will do anything to skip school”, said Sara as she was entering the room.

“Annie gets up”, said Sara.

When she touched her, she realized that she was cold and pale in color. Slowly panic filled the room and they called for the doctor.

“What is this Ted, what’s happening? She is our angel, what will we do without her?”

“Nothing will happen to her, don’t worry. She will be fine.”

All three were crying out in pain.

 They prayed, prayed and prayed.

The doctor came and informed them that Annie had died in her sleep due to a severe cardiac arrest, which is a rare phenomenon in little children of Annie’s age.

Mourn meet.

Sara spoke. ”Annie, our sweet little angel has left us to be with God. She was not a perfect person. She will not clean her room. She is not as smart as Bennie. She will never listen to me. She used to back talk. I had chided her many times trying to be very strict with her because of her negligence in doing what Bennie did when she was ten years old. I always use to compare her with Bennie and she used to shout back and fight with me".

Ted continued. "But now, we don’t care for anything; we want our dear little one back. We forgot to respect her as a person and realize that that was her “individuality”, and now we have understood that and feel terrible that we compared her with Bennie".

"Even though all three of us loved her so much and will love her till our last breath, we never told it out and that's where we went wrong. To mold her as a responsible individual, we kept on nagging her with everything she did. We regret that and we miss her so much".

Benny could not control herself, and ran towards Annie and shouted, “No, no, I want Annie. Don't take her away; she is my best friend. I want you, Annie. She is not dead; she is just sleeping that's all”.

“Wake up Annie, wake up”.

Annie opened her eyes. Bennie was standing there and saying “Annie, wake up, it's time for school”.

“Ben, am I your best friend”, asked Annie.

“Of course yes, Ann, now get up and get ready for school. It's getting late”.

Annie ran out of the room and called everyone.

Mom, do you love me? Am I your sweet little angel?

“Is there any doubt in it? Now, this is not the time for love, look at your sis, she is almost ready for school and you have not even brushed your teeth”.

“Don't compare me with Ben. She is different from me and I am unique in my way. This is my "Individuality" and it is high time you repent for comparing me to her, okay”.

“If I keep respecting your individuality, it will get late and you will miss the school bus, is that fine? 

“When you love someone, you should show it out and not keep shouting at me like this, okay”, said Ann.

“Okay, go get ready for school”.

 “I am the stupidest person on earth. This dream has made me realize the importance of love and care in a family. It is an eye opener for me. I will never think of ending my life again.

I will fight for my self-respect and talk out things if at all there are any differences of opinions. Suicide is wrong and God has created us to live and not end our life on our own.

My parents will only do good things for me and I will always obey them and listen to what they say. They are the guidance factor that God has given me and I should always respect them”.

"Thankyou God".

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