Are regular class tests necessary for your students ?

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Are regular class tests necessary for your students ?

With so much competition on the run among the students, we might wonder how the students, these days, can score so much marks, mostly 200/200 in almost all the papers, the reason being the method of teaching as well as the evaluation system that is being followed by the teachers.

In fact, CCE (Continuous comprehensive evaluation) which has been on the run since 2010 in CBSE schools has done wonders to the final results of the students. Continuously when a student is evaluated and assessed, the grades would definitely improve and the student becomes a better scorer.

Anything that has been done regularly becomes a part of the routine life and hence can do wonders to the young mind thus enabling them to master each and every chapter step by step.

As a teacher, I would definitely prefer to grade my students as and when I complete a particular chapter, so that I would know whether they have understood my way of teaching or not. Also, it would be easy for me to grade them and understand where each and every student stands.

With this, I would come to know what their level is in grasping and putting it down on to the paper in a written form, as, some students would understand what was taught, but they may not know how to write. Some children would be nodding their heads when we are teaching, but would not have understood anything at all.

It is not only an assessment of the students, but also to the teachers, as the teacher gets to know whether his/her teaching has actually reached each and every student in the class. Also, changes in their way of teaching can be taken care of accordingly.

Without understanding this, there are parents who would fight with the teachers for overburdening their children with regular tests. What parents must understand is that the teaching job is a gift to each and every teacher and we are here to guide them on the right path and polish them into beautiful gems so that in the future they would not only be enlightened, but also would lighten others too with their knowledge.

After all, as teachers, we would definitely want only good things to happen to our students as we consider this profession as a service to the society. It is a blessing to be a teacher and my vote is definitely for regular tests.

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