What do you like about your culture?

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What do you like about your culture?

India has a varied and diverse culture.

The most attractive thing about our culture is the sense of brotherhood that every occasion demands in our country. Every celebration is a community affair. You have a celebration at home your relatives and community have to be included in it.

Of course, you can be selective in choosing your network. There may be some criticism and grumbling and interference too which has to be management to make the celebration a joyful one. Ultimately all occasions’ personal or community gives each Indian a chance to share. Life is worth living in India when this sharing is cordial.

Our culture depicts unity in diversity and that's what I like about it. That's the essence of my country's culture. A culture that brings in you that will, to live life to the fullest.

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Yes definitely our Indian culture reflects true sense of brotherhood.

India depicts unity in diversity. With all different religion and caste of people living harmoniously in one country is the best example of the brotherhood we Indians maintain and believe in. The thing that I consider to be good about our Indian culture is the respect for other’s opinions, beliefs and values. Yoga, spiritual wisdom, Ayurveda, meditation, spices are few of the strongest elements of Indian culture which are famous and liked by people around the globe. Diversity, respect of elders and tolerance also are best parts of Indian culture and I am proud to be an Indian and feel lucky to be brought up in this culture.

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