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Employer Branding & Employer Brand Consultant

Employer Branding

Employers are important, and so as their branding in the company. Because they are the people who bring the right talent on board. Understanding employer branding in the simplest way refers to a process on which an organization promotes itself, as the employer of choice, that it can have better recruitment, retention and lesser attrition. As a result, it gets ideal employees, motivated employers, and secures the achievement of the company’s business plan.

Why Employer Branding is Important for Your Company? 

This question is getting a daily momentum and therefore the matter of having a better understanding of this aspect has grown bigger. The people who are designing strategies for employer branding must target a prospect that generates the business. 

The 5 Major Importance for Employer Branding Proposition

Employee Engagement & Culture Development

A strong Employer Branding = strong EVP (Employee Value Proposition). It has observed, that companies contributing to qualitative EB, create an enthusiastic and productive workforce. Having a better employer image makes the values visible for the employees and work further with motivation. 

The Social Media Buzz 

Building a good presence in Social media means the company is upgraded with the latest trends. This practice helps your company to fetch greater attention in the global market and build on its prestige online. 

Improved Recruitment Cycle & Employee Retention 

The above step of creating a buzz online then makes your first impression towards the potential employees. Therefore recruitment becomes easier with lesser financial investment and so as the employee retention. 

Stability in the Financial Infrastructure 

A superconductive by BCG (Boston Consulting Group), results that companies that invested in employer branding, has increased the revenue growth up to 4% with better profits. Hence, a better workforce and employer interface stands with better revenue. 

The Power of Recognition 

Everyone loves to be recognized for their work because it satisfies the credit desire of that person. There is no better way than employer branding to make the recognition. 

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