Energy Efficient Roofing Systems: Tips

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The marketing and advertising industries are constantly pushing energy-efficient appliances and practices in modern households. What about energy efficient roofing systems? The right roofing material over your head can reduce energy costs indoors, including reducing the load on the heating and cooling system. Those are savings that translate directly to your wallet. Unless your home is in a shaded area, direct sunlight exposure will raise the indoor temperature of your home. The rise in temperature means your HVAC system works harder to cool each room. As such, you’ll spend more on cooling during the summer. What if you didn’t need to, though?

Install Metal Roofing

There are too many misconceptions and myths about metal roofing. Metal is not overly noisy during a rainstorm. It also doesn’t attract lightning more often than other roofing materials. You’re completely safe and secure.

On the plus side, metal roofing pairs well with rustic and modern architecture. It is also highly energy efficiency and eco-friendly. Many metal roofing materials contain an added coating with reflective properties, which keeps the interior cooler during the summer and insulated during the winter.

Of course, metal roofing has a high upfront cost. In the long-run, you’ll save more money on your heating and cooling, though.

Reflective Coatings

Your average residential roof does not come preinstalled with a reflective coating. It’s an added expense. It’s also an investment, though. The right reflective coating plays a significant role in the overall energy efficiency of your home. These coatings may be added to metal roofing, for additional benefits.

For example, a reflective coating increases durability and weather-resistance. Furthermore, while not all residential roofing comes with a coating, metal typically does. Steel, especially, comes with a pre-installed coat. If you prefer to add a little flair, however, you may select your color and coating to match your architecture.

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nice! i just got a new roof and new siding. I wish i had known before all this information. I live in dallas and I chose conservation construction of dallas. 

Thanks for sharing this information. Great post. 

I enjoyed it.

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