Famous People Who Are IIT Passouts

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Famous People Who Are IIT Passouts

For most of the young people today, who take up science in high school, IITs are an ultimate destination. They go through rigorous coachings and hours and hours of dedicated studies to crack the IITs because they know that the grass is greener on the other side.

Yes, we understand that joining an IIT is not an easy feat at all and it is not even supposed to be. You need to be dedicated towards your life and studies to enter into one. However, that being said, if you do make it to an IIT, it provides with a life-changing opportunity that you can make use of and become a successful person in life.

Our list talks of 7 people who made full use of that opportunity upon their admission into various IITs and shaped up their respective industries. From tech giants, business magnates to acclaimed writers, IITs have given us some very inspiring people to look up to. Here is a list of 7 successful IIT graduates. Take a look:

Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai’s story took the pinnacle of the tech-world and how he gauged his success is truly an inspiring one. A young Pichai had a knack for technology since a very young age and when he had to choose a college, IIT was the perfect option. He went on to pursue his MS from the US and later joined Google in 2004. He was the man behind Google’s Chrome browser including a number of other major Google projects. He urged people throughout the world to use the Google toolbar. When Google announced Alphabet as its parent company, along with that, they also announced Sundar Pichai as their new Chief Executive Officer. He remains perhaps the most successful IITian of all time.

(Image Courtesy: India Times)

Amit Singhal

Joining our list of successful IITians is a man who was behind the Google’s search efficiency. When Google was launched, it would take days to display search results, but Amit Singhal brought it down to just 40 seconds. He was the Senior Vice President at Google Inc. and had been honored as a ‘Google fellow.' After quitting Google, he went on to join another giant company Uber last year.

(Image Courtesy: Search Engine Land)

N.R Narayana Murthy

He is the man who, today, hires around 30% of all the engineers of our country. Murthy is the co-founder and ex-chairman of the mighty Infosys. He did his M.Tech from IIT Kanpur after having studied electrical engineering at the University of Mysore. He co-founded MNC Infosys in the year 1981 that was aimed at providing business technology, consulting, engineering and outsourcing services all over the world. Along with founding a massive company, Murthy has also been awarded the prestigious Padma Shri and Padma Vibhushan awards. He is rightly called the father of IT in India.

(Image Courtesy: Famous People)

Sachin Bansal

IIT Delhi is Bansal’s alma mater and after graduating, it took him only 6 years to build Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce website. With an initial investment of only Rs 4 lakhs, Bansal along with a friend, Binny Bansal, laid the founding stone of Flipkart in a small flat in southeast Bangalore. Flipkart began as a website that initially sold books and later expanded its business to selling pretty much everything including electronics, apparels and lifestyle products among others.

(Image Courtesy: Inc42 Media)

Vinod Khosla

Forbes magazine has listed Khosla as a billionaire. He made his early fortune as one of the co-founders of Sun Microsystems, a company that created Java programming language and Network File Systems. After this, he went on to form his own venture capital firm, Khosla Ventures in 2004. He is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and has a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering.

(Image Courtesy: KnowStartup)

Nikesh Arora

Nikesh Arora graduated from IIT BHU with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He is the Vice Chairman of Softbank Corporation and also the Chief Executive Officer of Softbank Internet and Media Inc. Nitesh has worked for Deutsche Telekom, Putnam Investments and Fidelity Investments in the past and also holds an MBA from Boston’s Northeastern University.

(Image Courtesy: Fortune)

Chetan Bhagat

What better way to end the list with one of the most famous IITians of all time. Chetan Bhagat graduated from IIT Delhi and did his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad after that. However, he figured out that his passion was not in engineering or management but in writing. He followed his dream and today, is an acclaimed writer and is one of the most popular Indian novelists of this generation. He has authored 6 best-sellers and many of his novels have been adapted into famous Bollywood movies such as 3 Idiots, Half Girlfriend and Hello.

(Image Courtesy: The Week)

So, there you have it. Studying in an IIT surely opens up a lot of doors for you as an individual and more than giving you a degree, it provides you with a perspective on life. You become more practical with your approach and you can use it in any field to succeed in your life. From successful businessmen to writers, IITs have produced pioneers across all industries and that makes it one of the elite educational institutions not only in India but the entire world.

Do you know of more such luminaries from the prestigious institue of IIT, do let us know in the Comments section below!

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