Flipkart COO Resigns Amid The Flipkart–Snapdeal Merger

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Flipkart COO Resigns Amid The Flipkart–Snapdeal Merger

In another top-level exit, Bengaluru-based e-Commerce firm Flipkart’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Nitin Seth resigns from his position citing personal reasons for quitting his charge.

This will further stiffen the grip of CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy who took over the HR functions last week.

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Seth was one of the top-ranking executives in the organization and was managing the in-house firm Ekart’s logistics and supply chain along with corporate functions and strategy. With Seth now moving away from the firm, Kalyan would gain full control over all the key functions of the organization. But it’s yet not clear about who would replace Seth’s position at this moment. Two sources aware of the development mentioned about the news and no other responses have been evoked from any spokesperson.

Other Top Level Exits in Flipkart

The year 2016-17 has come to be a major shuffling year for the management at Flipkart seeing a number of exits from the top level. It nearly became like a trend which almost seemed to change after Seth played a significant role in getting back the talent. People who left for some or the other reasons in the years 2016 and 2017 include:

1. Chief Product Officer - Punit Soni

2. Chief Financial Officer - Sanjay Baweja

3. Head of Ekart - Saikiran Krishnamurthy

4. Senior VP-Product Management - Surojit Chatterjee

5. Flipkart’s Supply Chain Arm & Chief Marketing Officer - Samardeep Subandh

Nitin Seth had been the former Managing Director of the Indian investment firm, Fidelity International before gaining his responsibilities at Flipkart in the year 2016. He was appointed as the COO in January this year which was resultant of a major reshuffle in the organization’s top management with Kalyan being appointed as the CEO.

Would the resignation by COO Nitin Seth come as a setback to Flipkart?

This exit comes at a time when Flipkart is moving ahead with sealing the deal on merging with the rival company Snapdeal. It would require a redistribution of over 1000 employees. And apart from this, Flipkart may also gain acquisition over eBay India.

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And all of this would necessitate essential and strict functioning at the time when a top level manager resigns.

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