How conflicts at workplace can be tackled smartly?

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How conflicts at workplace can be tackled smartly?

A workplace is both for the employee and the employer.

Though each of our colleagues has been assigned their own role or jobs but conflicts are inevitable at a workplace as opinion vary.  These conflicts have to be tackled smartly in order to get the work done in time as well as maintain peace and decorum at an office. Good professional relationship and a healthy work culture at any office is the pivot of an organisation.

Conflicts may arise among any level of employees in an office; from ground level to top level officers. If issues are tackled at the middle managerial level the top level officers can concentrate more the expansion and growth of the organisation. Invariably it is observed that the middle-level managers, leads or heads take a biased view of any problem which escalates the conflict leading to the loss of the organisation.  

Office etiquette is very important. We need to deal with our peers and higher ups politely. The use of positive words and body language can solve serious issues without hurting anyone. in an office, it's the duty of the human resources department as well as the management to lay down proper rules and monitor them in order maintain a healthy work culture in at the workplace.   

Suppose one of our colleagues suppresses some official information from me, I can express my objection politely instead of raising a quarrel. If this act is repeated time and again I can then talk to my boss  It's wise to avoid gossips but if by chance I have ever spoken something negative about my colleague or lost my cool, saying a sorry is wiser than lying.  

The top level officers often rest their decision on the feedback of the managers who have to be very careful while reporting work status and efficiency of their juniors to their bosses. Blowing an issue out of bounds for some personal gains is not something wise. It spoils the work culture and peace of the office and has a bad effect on the work progress and quality.

Hence biased views should always be avoided.  Conclusions should be drawn only after listening to both parties in conflict. Issues can be sorted out at meetings where every member should be given a chance to speak where conflicts are between groups or teams.

Let's not forget that we have come to the office to work for ourselves as well as the company.

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