What should I do If I have a Crush on my Boss?

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What should I do If I have a Crush on my Boss?

Sometimes I feel that I have a crush on my boss. But, I don't know if those feelings are one-sided or based on reciprocity. However, I share with him a deep and unique bond that's like no other. And he is the one I admire the most at work. He has also helped me climb up the ladder of success in my own way.

I feel that he knows about my intentions as he always gives me that warmth and comfort. But, all it would take is to confess my respect and affection for him. I want to unfold the secrets, where the right degree of solemnity is ensured along with unsuspicious emotions being let out.

However, that's what the challenge is about! I don't know if I am going the right way. I also don't know how to deal if someone ever points a finger at me. Please help as to what I should be doing.

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Wait for some days and see if the feelings are still there.

Romance at work is never a good idea. You may not have a crush on your boss, you may just be idealizing your boss because of his good qualities.

Admit your feelings for them and get a response that will help you stop thinking about them.

Write a resignation and keep that as your plan B if everything doesn't work. Now, set a one to one meeting with your boss and tell them how you feel. She might be your boss, but, at the same time they are humans too

Just focus on your work. Crush is not a big deal. 

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