Can conflicts at work place affect the efficiency of one's work?

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Can conflicts at work place affect the efficiency of one's work?

Mr. Peace - a qualified employee of a real estate firm, loved going to his workplace since the time he joined as an accountant, until one fine day, when conflict knocked the door of his cabin. This came to him in the form of the new HR manager- Mr.Smart, who was dissatisfied with Mr. Peace's method of working.

However,  Mr. Peace disagreed to his views on this and felt that his working method was the ideal one as so far, no one had complained against him. Thus there was a conflict and both finally took the matter to the senior manager Mr. Right. He listened to both parties and then spoke to them. Were they finally able to bid farewell to conflict? What did Mr. Right tell them?  Read on to find out more:

Conflict is one of the major situations prevalent in organizations on account of several reasons. Organizational conflict is a situation in which there is a clash of opinions, needs, values or interests between people working together. 

While on one hand, it can be said that conflicts at times could take a positive turn towards productivity as these could lead to better creativity and improved ideas towards the execution of policies and plans; it may also say that conflicts could be significant sources of discontentment or demotivation to an employee. 

Thus conflicts at the workplace could adversely affect the efficiency of one's work. This, in fact, accounts for higher rates of absenteeism and employee turnover. It has been seen in several organizations that it is the strained relationship between employees, rather than lack of individual skills or motivation, that harbor complication and aggravate them. This portrays a sad picture of the corporate world which would have been a brighter one without the existence of conflicts.   

A conflict can bring about significant change as far as the efficiency is concerned as it may affect him emotionally too in the form of anger, disappointment, frustration and so on which may negatively impact his productivity on both qualitative and quantitative aspects.

The efficiency of work depends on several factors and conflict is a major one of them. It affects even the best of employees in an organization by disrupting his concentration levels which are more oriented towards the conflict in question.  

So, for example, a worker having a capability of 100 % efficiency could drop down to as low as even 10 % or less which is a huge loss to the organization regarding productivity and profits. Besides, it is also a loss for the employee affected by the conflict regarding his caliber and personal growth and development and the creation of increased levels of stress. His future promotion may also be at stake due to unhealthy relations with his co-workers or seniors. 

So conflict should be given a serious thought, and we must come out with ways to solve it rather than aggravating the situation further. A solution can be arrived at, through proper counseling of the employees, having meetings to arrive at a solution, developing a positive attitude towards things, maintaining a relaxed state of mind and empathizing with the other side. Thus a win-win situation should be arrived at with the proper handling of the matter concerned.

On hearing these words of Mr. Right, the two employees calmed down and started discussing the matter with a more positive approach getting to the crux of it. A solution was arrived at towards the end of the discussion, and an agreement was reached upon to end the conflict between the two workers which had been going on for days.  Indeed, all's well that ends well!

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