What to do to Keep the Employees Engaged at Work?

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What to do to Keep the Employees Engaged at Work?

So, you believe that you have the best employees, but the turnover of your company hasn’t increased in some time. You have the best and perhaps the most competent employees, but somehow deadlines seem hard to meet.

If you’re an employer reading this, and if your company is in a similar sad state of affairs, here’s what you’ve been doing wrong all this while: employee engagement.

You can build your company only through internal and external measures. And, if you fail to achieve optimum employee engagement, you are failing to provide a challenging and appealing work environment to your employees. In this article, we discuss how you can guarantee employee engagement, by means of employee engagement games, employee engagement events, and fun activities that employees can do at work. Take a look:

#1. By Taking Regular Feedback

Continuous and honest feedback is an imperative aspect of a healthy workplace. It provides the opportunity for both employees and employers to interact with the sole motive of bringing out the best in each other. Moreover, feedback is inevitable as employees need to know where they stand and how they’re doing in the grand scheme of things.

If you want to turn feedback giving in a fun activity for employees, you can introduce anonymous feedback at your workplace. So that, employees can exchange feedback and the identity of people is also kept secret. It is a great way to engage employees.

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#2. Give Them Space For Personal Growth

One description that you’ll find on every resume is that people look for a personal growth while working. If your office culture is such that there is no parity on how an employee is doing, then you are killing off the desire of that particular employee. People want to grow as professionals while they’re working and it is an employer’s responsibility that he allows for the personal growth of people.

You can give employees an hour or two where they can work on personal projects and collaborate with people from different departments. You can turn this into a fun activity for employees by announcing a prize for the best project.

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#3. Engage Them In Fun Employee Activities

No one wants to works all the time. While that doesn’t mean that it is fine to not meet deadlines, but employers shouldn’t make a big deal if they are missed sometimes. Besides, every weekend, the team should ditch work and connect with each other over a bottle of beer or a cup of coffee. Communication is a huge morale booster and if there is effective communication at a workplace, it can boost employees’ morale.

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#4. Encourage Them To Decorate Their Office

Influential HR people know that employees need a break from work before they start seeing it as a mundane task. Besides, we all know that it is absolutely fine to spare a few hours each week so that employees can decorate their cubicles and rooms. Psychologists say that by putting up funny and candid pictures of your team all around your office, you can enhance employee engagement.

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#5. Respect Your Employees And Give Them A Voice

The most crucial part of effective employee engagement is that you need to respect your employees the way you respect your father and mother. For all your employees ever want from their boss is some respect. If they’re respected, they feel like they belong in the office, and they will start seeing the workplace as an integral part of their life. Here’s the thing, as long as an employee does work only for the sake of it, you can never aim to motivate him.

Also, another major aspect is, as an employer, you have to become more approachable. Fear is a bad thing for workplaces and at no point in time should your employees feel afraid of coming up and talking to you.

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So, there you have it. If you found this article informative, let us know in the comments below.

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