How & Why did Michael Jackson become White?

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How & Why did Michael Jackson become White?

Michael Jackson had an illustrious music career. All through his life, we had seen him giving his all out on the stage where he performed one iconic number after the other.

However, Jackson’s life behind the cameras was highly-scrutinized. When you become a star, you have to pay a certain price. When Michael Jackson turned white, people felt that he ditched his dark complexion and that he was not proud of his African roots. Many people blamed him for bleaching his skin that looked super white.

Jackson had no other option but to come out clean and let the whole world know that he was not proud of his roots as anyone else. In the summer of 1993, Jackson was invited to Oprah’s talk show, where he uttered these famous lines, “It is something I cannot help. When people make up stories that I don’t want to be who I am, it hurts me. It’s a problem for me. I can’t control it. But what about all the millions of people who sit under the sun to flaunt a dusky skin shade, to become other than what they are. Nobody says nothing about that.”

So, what was this disease that fiddled with Jackson’s complexion? Well, it all became clear when Dr. Arnold Klein, MJ’s dermatologist, gave the evidence that he was diagnosed with vitiligo and lupus in 1984. What is vitiligo that turned Jackson completely white? Let’s find out.

In his early twenties, MJ started to develop some spotting of vitiligo. He tried to cure it, but the infection didn’t respond to his treatment. It continued to grow. Doctors say that vitiligo can have a heartbreaking impact, especially on dark people. In fact, MJ himself went through tumultuous stress as a result of his pigment disorder, which is funny because on stage, we the audience never knew what the king of pop was going through in his personal life.

michael jackson before and after

How It All Happened

Due to the consistent growth of the white patches, it became impossible to hide it with makeup each time. So, MJ’s doctors came out with the plan to treat his body with 20% mono-benzyl ether of hydroquinone. This way, they planned to bleach the remaining unaffected skin of Jackson so as to provide an even tone to his face. Now, you can say that he indeed bleached his skin, but it was more to cover up than to ditch his roots.

michael jackson skin

(Image Courtesy: MJ History)

MJ used to make public appearances with his face covered and that was due to the pigment disorder that had made his face prone to sunburns.

His Coming Out

Following a series of racist hurls where he was accused of forgetting his African roots after gaining stardom, Jackson made one last effort to let the world know what he was going through in his own life.

On February 10, 1993, MJ made it public on the Oprah show he had no intentions of turning white. Rather, it was due to his vitiligo that he was forced to bleach his skin to prevent any further damage. He ended by saying, “I’m a black American, I am proud to be a black American, I am proud of my race. I am proud of who I am. I have a lot of pride and dignity.”

michael jackson white

(Image Courtesy: That Grape Juice)

While many people still don’t believe Jackson, the truth is no one really knows. He might have been lying or he might have genuinely been in trouble. But regardless, he is the king of pop and how he looked had nothing to do with that. If you agree, let us know in the comments below.(Featured Image 

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