How does Google Search Works?

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How does Google Search Works?

Google has become quite an inevitable part of our lives. We don't even realize how effectively it has descended into our routines. You want to know about a movie review - Google search! You want to get relationship advice - Google search! You want to learn cooking - Google search! 

Google is essentially a synonym for anything and everything that one might want to look out for on the web with a click of your fingertip. But how do you google something without losing the track? Here are a few tips and tricks on how to google something the most efficient way.  

From Basic to Advanced, we have it all covered - How do you Google something

#1. A simple trick

Google search for the answers using quotes. This way pages containing the particular phrase come up discarding the rest. It's one of the most important tips if you are trying to find specific catchwords.

#2. A lesser known trick

Make use of the asterisk mark as the replacement of a particular word that you aren't able to recall or don't know. This results in all possible variations of the phrase to show up in the search results.

How do you google something

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#3. Did you use a minus?

For a phrase that generates a lot of results, clutter can be eliminated by just using a - (minus) sign along with the term that you are searching for. This way results get bifurcated and arranged.

#4. Comparisons

If you always keep asking yourself, "how do I google for comparisons the easier way?" Here is the catch. Try google search by using "vs" for comparison to simplify your task. Go ahead and try it the right away.

#5. Search Filters

How do you google something in a more systematic manner? Make use of the "Tools" section displayed right under the search bar for customizing your search range even more.

How do you google search filters

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#6. Photos over photos

Yes, you can even make a google search with the help of images. If you ever come across a picture that looks familiar, or you might just want to know its source, then make use of the never used camera button and search for similar images. Voila! You really didn't know that, right? If you don't find the icon, simply drag and drop the image onto the search bar. Simple!

#7. Voice search

How do you google something without making use of the keyboard? Just resort to the mic icon for carrying out your google search in the best possible way. The feature lets you speak and search for answers.

Liked what you just read? Have any more suggestions or know of any similar tricks and tips? Let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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