11 Tips For Using Google Search Efficiently

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11 Tips For Using Google Search Efficiently

    There is probably no one who does not make ample use of Google and it is their go-to place for every query under the Sun. Though despite constantly looking for answers on Google, have you ever wondered whether you are using Google search effectively. 

    The most we all do is type some word in the Google search console and then alter them till we find what we are looking for. If this is how you go about finding this on the search console then here are few useful tips for you:

    #1. Filter Your Search

    If you are searching for anything particular and do not wish Google to pick up on the added words, then all you need to do is use the '–' sign.  This sign will help in filtering your search by making the search console exclude the unnecessary word. For example: if you are looking for results on sales and do not wish to include the term marketing then type sale-marketing.

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      2.  Use Phrases

      To get better search results, put in enclosed phrases in the Google search console such as “marketing strategy.”

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      #3.  Use Or To Differentiate

      If you are looking for more than one search term, or in some cases, any one among several search terms then use ‘or’ for a better result.

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        #4.  Use Asterisk When In Doubt

        If you are looking for lyrics of a song or something you vaguely remember then add an asterisk sign after the search. Such as 'Thunderbolts And Lightning' followed by an asterisk will give you the famous song 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by The Queens in the search results.

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        #5. Limit The Search

          In case you are specifically looking for results from a particular site or a country then you can restrict the search by typing ‘site’. For example: ‘site: USA’ will limit the search to USA.

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          #6. Reverse Image

          After you have searched for a picture close to your requirement, you can use your photo to do a reverse image search by tapping the icon of the camera or by copying the photo's URL.

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          #7. Search Files Easily

          If you are looking for a particular file or more commonly some PDFs then the "filetype:" operator can make it easier for you to search in a particular domain.  It restricts the search to a valid requirement, filtering out the unnecessary. 

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          #8. Travel Destination

          There is an easier way to find travel destination on Google and it can be done by putting "CITYNAME attractions" in the search console. You will see pop ups of thumbnails with all the major attractions.

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          (Image Courtesy: Search Engine Land)

          #9. Search By Numbers

          Many times we use Google to look for things between specified prices ranges or in some cases, a history related search between two eras. During such searches, you can make your work easier by putting a specified number range such as “1914..1918”.

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          • #10. Customer Service Number
          • Looking for customer name of a certain organization can be a menace, and you have to hunt through the website in times of urgency specifically. That can be avoided by simply typing “*name of the firm*Customer service.”
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          #11. Filter Image Search

          If you are looking a particular image of a certain size, then instead of hunting through a plethora of pictures just use the Search Tools drop-down to filter your picture based on size, color, type, creation date and usage rights.   

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            How many of this tips come as a surprise to you? Do let us know using the comment box below.

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            All these really come as a shock to me. I hardly ever knew that Google had so many search filters to efficiently use its search box. I have tried some of the filters mentioned above and it's really awesome to see that it give most efficient result if applied properly. 

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