How many People Shop Online Worldwide?

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How many People Shop Online Worldwide?

According to Statistica, a German statistics firm, an average online shopper spends around $2,868 annually. Online shopping is a fast growing trend and how many people shop online is a swiftly rising number. The online shopping trends keep varying from one place to another, but is there a reliable statistic as to which country spends the most online? 

With more than 7.5 billion population worldwide, what are the global online shopping statistics? Is the massive network of Internet spread across countries adding on to the costs? Or is it somehow helping in bringing up the economy?

The e-Commerce industry is here to stay for a longer time span. It is even anticipated to rapidly grow by not less than 25% (according to an e-marketer survey) worldwide. Online shoppers give rise to the tremendous online shopping trends. The fact that the practice is convenient and several deals are even offered throughout the year, the global online shopping statistics are just on the rise. 

People not only save their efforts and money but also drive in more and more profit for the businesses. Anyone with a banking account can make payments online, and the ones who prefer to pay cash upon delivery can opt for that option. No wonder why each consumer prefers to buy every item online!

Avoiding crowd and saving time is a reason why the trade is gaining popularity, but have you even thought about which country spends the most online? Exactly how many people shop online?

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Top E-Commerce Markets

According to a 2015 online shopper's statistics study regarding the highly increasing e-commerce trends, the following insights are inferred:

#1. The fastest growing online activities come from the United States and Canada under the North American region.

#2. In the whole of Africa and the Middle East, Israel tops the online shopper's statistics.

#3. Online shopping trends are at their highest in Norway when it comes to Europe. Denmark comes next accompanied by the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

#4. Which country spends the most online when we talk about Asian region? Without any doubt, Hong Kong and Singapore after which are Japan, South Korea, China, and India.

#5. Last but not the least, how can anyone forget Australia!

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How Many People Shop Online And Which Country Spends The Most Online?

#1. China ranks 1st amongst the top sales, statistics, and trends of online shoppers. Almost 67% of the internet users make purchases online through PCs.

#2. The USA market ranks second with more than 72% of the spending happening through desktops.

#3. The UK witnesses around 30% online sales after 6 PM. The entire economy generates about 30% revenue through online shoppers.

#4. In Japan, around 97% of the internet users prefer to shop online.

#5. Germany makes 1/2 of the online income from Amazon and Otto. Their online shopping trends reach the highest during morning hours.

#6. South Korea boasts of having the fastest internet in the world. 50% of the shoppers make purchases through their smart phones.

#7. There are almost 83% PC users in Canada who make around 45% of the non-Canadian website purchases.

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As the online shopping trends continue to grow, the industry too is expanding each year. As the opportunities get created, increasing demands get fulfilled. 

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