What would you prefer more- Online Shopping or Offline Shopping?

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What would you prefer more- Online Shopping or Offline Shopping?

With the advent of internet and evolution of technology, online shopping has become popular. However, the debate still rages if online shopping is better or should one go for offline shopping.

Both have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Online shopping gives you the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home but takes away the pleasure of choosing things by testing them since they come to your home directly and you are left with little options. In offline shopping, you purchase the thing first hand by personally visiting the store and you always get the thing you desire at the best quality and price.

In online shopping there is no option of bargaining, a comfort you will always have in offline shopping. You will have to convince yourself that you have got the best deal in such cases. Testing of the quality of the product is another thing that can be done in offline shopping which is not possible in online shopping. The only viable advantage of online shopping seems that you do not have to head out from the comfort zone of your home.

Shopping is an art only few can master. Be it online or offline shopping, it depends on the individual preference. Your focus should be on purchasing the right product at an appropriate price.

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According to me, Online shopping is better than offline shopping. In online shopping you can buy things as you like. There will be lots of collections. You can select the product as you like. They provide good discounts also. You can purchase products at low prices.

You can use a Secure payment option for payments in Facebook shopping you can use Snapay.  

When the product delivered to you, you have to send a confirmation message to Snapay. After that confirmation message Snapay will move the money to the seller or else the money will be refunded to the Buyer. So there is no chance to cheating take place.Have your secure payments through Snapay and avoid cheating.  


I think online shopping is better than offline shopping. In this fast running world we have no time to purchase products from shops.So the better way to buy things is online. Usually I prefer to buy things through Facebook online were we can find a better collections of every kinds of products. But another great problem arise there . The problem is we ordered one product but we gets another product so the cheating take place there.

So for preventing that, we can pay through Snapay. Snapay is an app which is used to have a SECURE PAYMENT in online shopping.

Facilities that included in Snapay are once the product delivered to the buyer, the confirmation message from the buyer will send to Snapay. After that confirmation message, Snapay will transfer the amount to the Merchant or else the money will be refunded to the Buyer's account. 

You can also pay money from credit card to any bank account through Snapay.

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Yes, I think Online Shopping is better than offline shopping as we get to choose from a vast assortment of goods.

Earlier I was sceptical about shopping online. And on my friend's insisting I started buying but never found any place where I could find products which are ethnic and in line with my requirements and just this year I discovered this great platform named baazkart.com where it is effortless to buy products which are Indian.


No, online shopping is not better than offline shopping...

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