How To Find Affordable Hotel Rooms During The Peak Season?

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How To Find Affordable Hotel Rooms During The Peak Season?

Peak season is that time of the year when everyone plans a trip with near and dear ones. It could be during summer holidays when kids are free from the burden of going to school every day or it could be holiday season when you don’t have to go to work and can go out for a vacation without applying for any leaves. Another major peak period is at the end of the year when the world is gearing up to party and ending the last days of the year far from home. Now, as much as all of us love to travel and holiday, there is one problem that usually crops up during peak season and that is the high prices at which you get seemingly normal hotel rooms.

Such prices can be a downer in your plans as they go out of your budget and it feels terrible to pay double the price for any good or services. To avoid being in such a pickle we have easy solutions through which you can get cheaper hotels even during peak season.

#1. Use Search Apps

Countless apps and sites have cropped up that help you in searching for hotels at very affordable rates. Sites such as Trivago, hotwire, yatra and cheap-hotels help you in finding hotels at reasonable prices; they also have reviews by other travelers and the price listing of all the hotels that can help you narrow down your result.

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#2. Don’t limit your options

The real joy of visiting any place is exploring the area and making the most of your destination. You would be spending less of time in the hotel so instead of being fussy about choosing 4 or 5-star hotels to stay in why not go for simpler bed and breakfast offered by locals and smaller shacks. Such places apart from taking care of all your basic needs, giving you a warm meal and comfortable place to stay; also get you acquainted with the local culture and interesting aspects of the place that you would have missed out on.

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#3. Book in advance

The best and most employed method of getting great rooms at affordable prices is simple, just book a room way before in advance. It would apparently include planning the trip months before the visit and deciding on a place to stay but it will also mean that you will have a perfect place to stay in without shelling out too many shekels.

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#4. Stay longer

We know that hotels are costly and the longer you stay, the more you will have to pay, but if you stretch your stay at the hotel and reside there for a longer stint, the chances are that you would be offered discounts or even a free night. So by shelling out a little extra, you are saving a lot more.

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#5. Call them up

The old fashioned way to get any information is always to ask the person directly. The best way to enquire about cheap hotels, availability of room and discounts offered is through a simple verbal conversation. Pick up a phone and ring up all the hotels that are there in the area you plan to visit and take all the necessary information, once you have that you can easily make your choice.

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#6. Get on Good Terms

Hospitality industry flourishes on serving people and if you have been to a good hotel, talk about it, leave good reviews of it on social media and travel apps, subscribe to their newsletter and try befriending the staff. This would assure excellent services, better discounts and knowing when hotel rooms are available at good prices all through the year.

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#7 Prefer checking in on Weekdays

Weekends are jam packed with people pouring in from everywhere looking for rooms, so it’s no surprise that weekends are far more expensive. You can find an affordable room if you change your travel plans a bit and try booking a room during weekdays.

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Have you ever faced any problem finding hotel rooms at low prices during peak season? We would love to hear from you. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

Use Search Apps

Search apps have always worked for me and I have easily been able to find good and affordable hotels this way.

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