Will you like to be a guest in the free floating pod hotel?

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Will you like to be a guest in the free floating pod hotel?

Would you like to sleep in a pod that flows unattached during your next vacation?

The pod with glass roof will offer you amazing view of the stars. If you think this is a myth, think again. This plan is all set to become a reality according to operators of Huis Ten Bosch. This theme park is likely to be set up in Nagasaki in Japan.

Every pod is likely to have two different levels, the lower one will be for dining and relaxing while the upper one will have a bed from where you can gaze at the stars above. This aquatic hotel room will depart from shores of the theme park every evening and will float a distance of 6 km to a small island which will have many amenities so that you can enjoy your next day comfortably.

After spending the second night in the pod, you will be back at the theme park. Bad weather will be a big problem and in such cases, the visitors might be offered alternative accommodation on the surface.

The details of the ways in which pod will reach its destination safely are yet to be revealed though. A night stay in the pod will cost around $315.

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Yes. Most definitely. It is going to be a wonderful experience. 

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