Travel Tips: Things to consider before booking a hotel room

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Travel Tips: Things to consider before booking a hotel room

Isn’t travelling fun? Be it for business or leisure, travelling broadens one’s horizons of viewing the world.

As carefully as you plan your itineraries, selecting a hotel is equally important. Everybody has their own likes and dislikes. So is the idea of being comfortable, which is rather subjective. Choosing a particular hotel may be influenced by a variety of personal factors, but before personal factors are taken into consideration,

it is important to take note of these five basic factors before selecting a hotel room.

  • Hotel Room Prices

 Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it is safe to assume that you already know that hotel room prices vary on different online booking portals and agencies. Don’t forget to compare the room prices, before shortlisting your hotel room. Additionally, do not forget to directly contact the hotel, to find out the best-available rates. Also, don’t hesitate to negotiate the rates. During a low occupancy period, hotels tend to offer discounts.

  • Hotel Ratings / Reviews

 Not everything that shines is gold. The same applies for hotels promoting their property & services online. User reviews and ratings on travel forums come to rescue. Users share valuable information about their experiences with a particular hotel, at times along with pictures. One can get a clear picture about the attributes of a hotel’s amenities, service, etc.

  • Location

 Ideally, hotel rooms closer to the city centre & other sightseeing spots are higher priced. Often the want for a cheaper room pricing supersedes the want for a better location of a hotel. But one needs to factor in the time & cost of travelling to and fro from the hotel. Also, it is important that you do a basic recce of the surrounding areas of the hotel property on Google Maps, just to acquaint yourself, in case of emergencies and also to make sure if the locality is safe.

  • Services & Amenities

 Consider this as an extremely crucial factor in choosing a hotel room. Along with the services, the amenities a hotel provides, determine how comfortable one’s stay is expected to be. A hotel’s services can range from the most basic services like food & beverage service and housekeeping, to the more luxurious services like doctor-on-call, spas, concierge and butler service. Similarly, amenities may range from swimming pool & recreation to in-room wifi access & mini-bar. A hotel room is selected on the basis of what amenities and services the hotel provides.

  • Check-In / Check-Out Time

 It is important to check for a hotel’s check-in & check-out times. Frequently, your time of arrival or departure does not line up with the hotel’s check-in / check-out times. It may inconvenience you, if you arrive before the hotel’s check-in time to find that your room isn’t ready. Or you may be asked to release your room or be charged another day’s tariff in case you’re departure time is beyond the hotel’s check-out time. Often business hotels & highway motels have a 24 hours check-in/check-out policy.

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