World's 11 Most Dangerous Roads That You Will Think Twice Before Taking

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World's 11 Most Dangerous Roads That You Will Think Twice Before Taking

An adrenaline junky is always on the lookout for his/her next kick. Jumping from planes, snorkeling deep under water or trekking over dangerous treks; things that would make an ordinary person faint would excite an adventure seeker. 

Take road trips for example, while we would be happy driving in comfortable cars over long and safe highways, the thrill seekers would prefer navigating through narrow lanes 100ft above sea level. 

Here are some roads that the adventurer in you would just be itching to explore:

#1. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

The climb downwards on this bridge is steep and going up can be the most taxing and dangerous task. This odd bridge connects Sakaiminato and Matsue and is about 1.7 km long, and 11.3 meters wide.

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(Image Courtesy: Huffington Post)

#2. Caucasus’ Road, Russia

If you can put your life at risk to get a panoramic view, then this is the road you should be taking! It is extremely narrow, situated at a dizzying height and connects Sochi and the Ritsa Lake through the mountains.

(Image Courtesy: Russia Trek)

#3. Transfăgărășan, Romania

If driving through impressive chains of hills with a vast stretch of road and numerous twists and turns excites you, then Transfăgărășan is the place to be. Another perk of making it through these sharp turns is that you get to see Count Dracula’s castle.

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(Image Courtesy: LosApos)

#4. Gotthard Pass, Switzerland

Switzerland has a bounty of scenic beauty and driving through its mountains is an experience in itself. But a drive through the tallest mountain pass in the Alps means to be on a 64km road that goes from side to side and can practically leave you dizzy.

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(Image Courtesy: AlpsInsight)

#5. Khardung La Pass, China

Driving through the narrow lanes of the Great Himalayas is as beautiful as it is scary. Khardung La Pass is at 17,582 feet and goes from Leh to the Chinese city of Kashgar. It offers a view to die for. But beware of the danger!

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(Image Courtesy: Mental Floss)

#6. Col de la Bonette, France

When you are on a 2000-meter height, then steep and sharp turns are not exactly exciting; they are downright dangerous. However, if you are a daredevil, then this mountain pass in the French Alps awaits you!

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(Image Courtesy: YouTube)

#7. Yakutsk Road, Russia

Ever heard of a place where temperature goes so low that your glasses might freeze to your face. Such a place exists, and it has an infamous road that you can drive on to experience the same. The only catch is that the track turns icy in winters and melts to waste material in summer. Good luck for that!

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(Image Courtesy: Woman's Day)

#8. Cairo-Cape Town Road

To say this road is dangerous would be a gross understatement as you can get shot, hit a livestock, fall into a pit and looted by bandits on this death trail. This transcontinental roadway located on the eastern side of Africa has nearly everything covered to get you killed.

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(Image Courtesy: Bicycling magazine)

#9. Hana, Hawaii

The allure of the view that this road has can easily make you overlook the dangers that it holds. The 112 km road that connects Kahului and Hana is dangerously narrow and connects 59 bridges where landslides are a common phenomenon.

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(Image Courtesy: Hawai Travel GUide)

#10. Tianmen Mountain Road, China

If the idea of avoiding 99 steep turns on a 10 km long road that goes to about 1000 meters in height is your thing, then Tianmen Mountain road awaits you!

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(Image Courtesy: YouTube)

#11. Le Passage du Gois, France

It is a great road to drive on until the path submerges underwater and does not resurface during low tide.

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(Image Courtesy: Canal Veyajes)

Are you excited at the prospect of covering these dangerous roads? Do let us know your response using the comment box below.

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