How to Humblebrag at Work to Stay Ahead?

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How to Humblebrag at Work to Stay Ahead?

Humblebragging: What is it? And does it really work? If yes, how to humblebrag at work? Bragging is somewhat part and parcel of every person's conversations. From the latest gadget that you have purchased to the high paying job that you have got and the other accomplishments, we all brag about something or the other, intentionally or unconsciously.

We feel good about our high status amongst the society members along with the acceptance that we receive. But then, there comes the humblebragger who tells the world how satisfying his/ her life is but also downplays with the help of self-deprecating humor. Least do such people realize is, at times they irritate the people around them and change their perception towards them.

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Bragging is a common trait. We often brag to feel important in the society and impress others with our accomplishments. Some folks do that, in reality, the others turn towards the virtual world. They have an opposing nature and they are pretty talented with the same. Humblebragging can be defined as manufactured modesty as a guise for overt bragging. This is exactly what bothers people the most.  

However, the fact is that humblebragging works quite well in the majority of cases. Times are changing and so are the perceptions. It might sound awful but this practice is very effective. There are many people who do it and get to stay ahead on the success ladder, especially when it comes to their work life. However, such kind of boastfulness is assumed to be far better and a way to promote oneself. 

How To Humblebrag At Work?

It is definitely an art to brag about your accomplishments every time without even allowing the other people to roll their eyes.  Moreover, humblebragging is also considered as an acceptable tactic to stay ahead at your workplace. So, here is how you can humblebrag about your accomplishments and qualities:

#1. Don't Overdo

The first and foremost rule for humblebragging is not to overdo it. Of course, if braggers aren't preferred, imagine how unbearable humblebraggers might become. Therefore, you will have to exercise some amount of control over how frequently you talk about your successes. However, on one side you should avoid humblebragging in front of your boss but then on the other side, you do not have to let go the major wins unnoticed. Strike the right amount of balance by letting your boss see your weekly or monthly targets and achievements. This will help you gain the required visibility and you can also get the opportunity to brag about the same humbly. What a smart contradiction! And who knows your attitude might even get you several other work-related perks or increments? Though not every boss might accept this attitude and you will have to analyze your ways depending on their temperament. Therefore, it is essential to humblebrag about yourself in a very subtle way and not overdo it so that others might not get irritated. 

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#2. Provide Others With Real-Time Updates

When there is a specific achievement that you may want to share with others but might do that in the break time or while leaving from work, don't. Provide real-time updates to your boss about the important work that you have done and receive the recognition that you deserved. Drop them a quick e-mail explaining how you handled a difficult situation or completed some important work in time. Leave an exclamatory mark after the sentence just to express the excitement levels. Convey enthusiasm and sound passionate about your achievements and the work. This is exactly how the energy/ vibes travel.

#3. Quantify Achievements

Now that you know that your boss should be getting real-time updates about your achievements, believe in quantifying the same as well. Yes, whenever it is possible for you, make sure to provide them with the numbers. If that isn't something your business involves into, provide your boss with the quality that has been achieved. But just letting them know about a particular win isn't enough. You also need to portray the impact of your effort. So, even if you think you cannot, find some way to humblebrag with the numbers and stay ahead at work. Genuinely sell yourself with numbers and let your record be compelling enough for others to wow about.

#4. Give Others Their Due Credits

I feel it is pretty amazing to bring positive changes at work. It is also great when you operate keeping in mind the success of the organization along with letting others modestly know how you excel in each area. You know that real-time updates with the numbers or quality matters. But, do you understand that it is also essential to give due credits to your colleagues? Highlighting your success stories is one thing but not being a team player during that process, is entirely a different thing. Even if you aren't at a superior level, make sure that while humblebragging, you do not forget to give due credits to others working along with you on a certain project. Praise your co-workers. Build healthy relationships with them. Help them improve themselves and feel satisfied at the job. Tell them how you are willing to help them even in future if they ever need. Talk about team triumphs. This will prove to be very beneficial for you.

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#5. Get Others To Vouch For Your Success Stories

At times, this is just the best approach you can opt for - Let others sing your praises. Ask your ex-supervisor to write a crisp and self-sufficient testimonial for you to add on your resume and apply for a new job. This should include your skills, talents, and the work ethics maintained. Such things speak a thousand words rather than you bragging about yourself where a risk of negativity is always involved. You don't have to tout those accomplishments, and in fact, it is always better if others are willing to do the same for you.

#6. Track Your Achievements

It is very easy to humblebrag, but what if someone really gets into the details? Would you actually be able to answer back? If not, wouldn't that blemish your reputation? So, stay in close touch with not only the day to day grind you face but also the greater goals that you achieve. Think it from this perspective, when you are on track with the things you do, you can humbly brag about those later. Take a look at your job description. Start writing and maintaining your career journal. Know how have you been helping your organization in its growth period? Also, analyze if you were able to deal with the shortcomings. Keep a check on your weekly or monthly process. Be more aware of the things you do in the organization/ department and the things you aren't involved in.

#7. Tailor Your Messages

On work doesn't mean that you only have to humblebrag being in an office. You can also do the same while you want to enter into a new job/ field. Job postings aren't just advertisements calling out for applicants to fill a position. They also effectively offer insight on what the employer is essentially looking out for. Read in between the lines and you will know. When you know what is being asked you also know how to respond to it. Here is when you should tie all your accomplishments with the responsibilities mentioned for the job and understand that when you take such a step, you actually aren't arrogantly bragging about yourself but plainly stating the acceptable facts. This way you just let the other person know that you have the relevant (or even more) skills and abilities for the success of that particular position. For instance, if you have been called for a face to face interview for the position of a graphic designer, let the interviewer know the things you have done. Tell them how you have created a website that is not only SEO friendly but also visually appealing and it has several testimonials regarding its conception. This way, you aren't at all bragging but actually doing so in a humble manner with a tailor-made message.

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