How to hypnotize?

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How to hypnotize?

Hypnotism is a very ancient art. It has been in practice for a very long time. Many myths and confusions have surrounded this act and naturally so. Hypnotism deals with the unconscious mind and the common man does not know much about that. However, hypnotism can be learned by anybody. The condition is that one has to be sensitive and have good analytical wisdom and power of communication. 

Test and filter the medium

Everybody cannot be hypnotized.Those who are willing are the best mediums. Even someone who is not willing can be hypnotized if carefully handled, but still, there is no guarantee. So the first thing in the series is to test if the medium is willing and there are proper possibilities.

For it, some mild experiments could be conducted. Like, the hypnotist can suggest that the left hand of the medium will eventually get uplifted automatically if the medium could concentrate on this idea. Then the hypnotist would watch if the medium is concentrating and with what attitude.Normally such experiments are done in mass hypnotism but are good enough for one medium as well.

Proper environment

The chamber for the hypnotic sessions should be calm and clean. Mild light is fit. Better if some metronome ticks within. Even some fragrance could be used to hold the attention. The medium should be sitting or lying on a couch comfortably. The clothing should be a bit loose.


The hypnotic state deepens with time. Initially, we can give suggestions to start fine tuning of the focus of the medium, so that other thoughts start to go away. Like the medium could be asked to start counting from 100 down to 1 and at a slow pace. This is a great tool. Many people may go to a medium level of trance even while this counting is not finished.

Alternatively, the medium could be asked to concentrate on the ticking sound of the metronome. One can try some other such technique, too. While the medium is trying to count down or to listen to the metronome, suggestions could be started to be given. Like, the hypnotist could say: “It is so good an experience. You are in a comfortable state. Getting relaxed. More and more. As the time passes on, you feel it getting better... “. The suggestions should be given at a slow pace. Then they work the best.They bypass the resistance.

Be positive

While passing suggestions, avoid being negative. Specifically when the trance is not so deep, and you are trying to invoke a deep hypnotic state on your medium. Like in place of saying that the medium will not be able to move his hands, one should say that the medium will enjoy keeping his hands at rest. While the trance gets deeper, one can pass negative suggestions too, but slowly, initially mixed with positive ideas. Like in place of saying that the medium will not be able to move his hands, one can suggest that the medium cannot move his hands and there is no need to try this as it is so comfortable a state.

All this comes with practice. So the golden rule is just to practice and have honor for others. Pass the intended suggestions at the proper time. Make no haste. Wait and watch. Pass the intended suggestions only when the medium is in a deep trance. And before that, try some tests to know if the medium is actually in such a trance or he is just acting. It is critical. Never overlook the challenge. Like, you may say that you are going to prick his upper skin with a sterilized needle and he would not feel any pain. 

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