How to Manage your Virtual Assistants?

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Managing virtual assistant is a bit different. It involves few steps to bring the best out of them in the long-run. There are few strategies to keep your virtual assistant busy and productive.

1. Uninterrupted Payments

The best way to keep virtual assistants happy is by paying them on time. Prompt payment conveys professionalism and respect towards their work. It builds trust and thrives a good working relationship. Take time to communicate with them and praise them accordingly. By treating them with appreciation, it ensures fruit-full and long-term work relationship.

2. Exhibit Constructive Criticism

When your VA performs an excellent job, make sure to praise them and appreciate them. If he/she doesn’t perform as expected, let him know through constructive criticism. Relate his work to the goals you have set for the target and explain it to them.

3. Keep Track of Progress

Keep VA’s under surveillance. Take the responsibility to look after the contractors by constantly checking their progress. You can request with them the regular updates and track the progress that drives the accomplishment of the task.

4. Open Line Communication

You need to opt for a reliable chat that you can use for chatting with your remote employee. They enhance the work time for communication and maintain the feeling for the office. This, in turn, improves productivity. Having regular meetings through the chat and calls ensures that if VA’s are facing any problems with the work-related issues and help them solve it.

There are many virtual assistant company which can help you get more productive. 

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