How to Quit a Job you just Started?

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How to Quit a Job you just Started?
Regretting taking up a job and then thinking of leaving it in just some days after you have joined can be a tricky thing to handle. Even if you just started, sometimes you feel like leaving already. When the job becomes death to you, you should leave it certainly. However, even if you leave that job early, you should do your best to leave your workplace on a very positive note.

Potential Repercussions Of Quitting A Job You Just Started

If you are leaving a job midway, just after you have started working, it certainly can damage your reputation in your field. Companies usually do not prefer the employees who are known for quitting a job too soon. It leaves a negative impression on the prospective employers which can make it difficult for you to find a better job. This decision can also blacklist you from your current workplace. You may never be able to contact the people you maintained a good rapport with. Your abrupt exit can leave a lot of work pressure on your colleagues. If they are asked to pick up the work you left behind, they will probably develop a grudge against you. Building resentment among the people you have worked with is not something that you will like. If you are suddenly leaving the job, you also have to brace yourself to face some financial crunch for the next few weeks.

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Can You Work Something Out In The Same Job?

If you can imagine yourself working in the same company, probably in a better position or with a better pay scale,  you should keep your preferences in front of the seniors. You never know, the management of your company can probably suggest a few possible remedies for your problems. Many people switch their positions in the same company after some time. You can also consider this choice if you wish to.

Is It Worth Staying There?

In many cases, you also have to count the fact that is the place actually worth your potentials. If you feel that your current job is causing you a lot of trouble, then you should probably think of another option. On the other hand, if you feel that you can probably adjust to the same job after a point of time you can stay there for some more time and then figure out. Before leaving that job, consider all of these options in mind.

Can You Find A Better Job Soon? 

If you feel that the only option you are left with is to resign from your current position, the best you can do is to immediately hunt for another job so that you have another joining in hand before you quit that job. You can line up your interviews quickly. This way you can leave your troublesome job without giving a second thought.

The Best Ways To Quit The Job You Just Started

#1. Think Thoroughly

Give yourself enough time to decide if you want to leave the job immediately or you want to give it a try.  There is no point in taking decisions in the heat of the moment. Consider all the future scenarios and then think properly.  This will help you to think about all the possible ways and solutions in a calm and composed manner. No matter how terrible the situation is until and unless it is something unethical, illegal or unsafe, think thoroughly about it before jumping to the conclusion.

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#2. Avoid Burning Bridges

You need to understand the fact that a company invests a lot of time and money in its employees. Therefore, before burning all the bridges, you need to keep this in mind that you do not abruptly leave the space. Stay away from quitting the job in an unprofessional manner. Sometimes, you can feel that you owe nothing to the employer. However, it is always better to establish good contacts with everyone even after quitting the company. You can never know when you might have to cross the path of the former employees.

#3. Be Straightforward

This is a little difficult though, but you should always break this kind of news to your seniors face-to-face so that you are taken into consideration professionally. Do not try to hide behind emails and letters. Avoid telling your coworkers and other people about your resignation before personally speaking to your boss. Taking the advice of your bosses is also essential before you make such a huge decision for your future.

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#4. Serve Proper Notice Period

Though you have worked in this place for a less time, you should always serve an appropriate notice period so that the company has enough time to look for other alternatives. Ask your managers about the company's policy and serve the notice period as mentioned in it. In case you want to leave earlier, you can always ask them for some flexibility stating your reasons clearly in an e-mail. However, you should still be ready for some negative responses. Meanwhile, during the notice period, you will get some more time to look for another job if you haven’t already.

#5. Adopt A Proper Resignation Strategy

Once you are sure about your decision that you are going to resign from your current job, make a strategy to plan it out efficiently. Keep those factors in mind that are not supporting you to stick to the job. Be it a written resignation or a face-to-face meeting, keep it professional and direct. You are free to state your demands. Before telling your boss about your decision, let them know your reasons for resigning clearly. If your company accepts written resignation, then keep it polite, brief, and highly professional.

#6. Explain Your Reasons

Instead of playing the blame game, you should instead explain your reasons to quit politely. You decided to leave the job for a reason, or probably for numerous reasons. Try and be objective and remain unemotional about the meeting. Elaborate your grievances that made you take such a decision. If you point out fingers on the ethics of the workplace directly, they might not even consider giving your dues. You should try and keep your calm in such situations.

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#7. State The Reasons In A  Positive Manner

Even if you are explaining the reasons why you are quitting the job, keep your tone positive and calm. React in a way in front of your boss that you have thought a lot about your decision before reaching to this final decision. You do not have to behave in a manner that you want to harm the organization in any way. It is very important to keep the reputation of yours and the organization intact. Holding a grudge towards the company will not help you in future.

#8. Offer To Refer Someone Else

Of course, your company will probably won’t be happy with the decision of you quitting the job on such short notice. However, to hold a good relationship with the employees, you can refer your position to someone else who you can think can do the job well. Even if your reference doesn't get selected for the same post, the company will still always remember you for good.

#9. Do Not Let It Bother You

Regardless of the fact that either you are leaving or not, try and be immune from the circumstances you face afterward. It is very natural to not fit into a particular job. It might just not be your cup of tea. Chuck it, take it as an experience of life and move on. If you let it bother you, the circumstances will make it harder for you to look start your professional journey again.

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#10. Leave The Work In A Good State

Once you are confident about your resignation, try to complete all the work that has been assigned to you on time and help the coworkers to fix whatever you can.  Leave good notes for the people who are going to take over your work. It will make the process easier and will keep your reputation intact.

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