How to Tell your Boss you are NOT Happy at Work?

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How to Tell your Boss you are NOT Happy at Work?

There is an aspect of our life that we all tend to give a huge amount of thought to, which is the kind of profession we would like to take up. Each time we think about it, we understand that the choice is crucial and we will have to live with it for the rest of our lives. There is no compulsion but, it is a popularly believed idea that we need to devote a good amount of time to our profession and master what we choose to do.

There are two factors that we will have to keep in mind in case we are making a choice related to our profession. One is the fact that we will have to perform the role that we choose and you will have to pick something that you are going to be able to contribute to without making any sacrifice in other aspects of life. The other is the idea that you are going to contribute your entire life to this career. Hence, it is essential that you make this decision very carefully.

Another thing you would want to keep in mind is the fact that human beings are constantly evolving, learning new things, meeting new people and doing all those new things that their new and improved self is willing to do. There is absolutely no doubt that at some point in your life, you may feel the need to change the job you are currently doing and the kind of profession you are involved in. There is a possibility that you will have to change your job according to the change in your likes and dislikes and there is absolutely nothing wrong about that. What we need to understand is the idea that we have to make a few changes as we ourselves change with time. No matter how much we wish to stick to one thing because of our comfort zone or because it does not seem right to take a drastic decision, we will always need to make the required change that is a part of our new set of desires.

What is difficult in such situations is the fact that you will have to find out a way to have a word with your boss and make sure you sound convincing enough regarding those things that are making you unhappy in the current job. This kind of conversation with your boss can prove to be difficult, and you will need to keep a few things in mind. Are you are unhappy in your current workplace and wish to inform your boss about it? Are you finding it impossible to strike this conversation with your boss? Here are the things you can do to have to tell your boss that you are not happy.

How To Tell Your Boss You Are Not Happy At Work?

#1. Decide What You Want To Say

Before you choose to have a meeting with your boss and inform them about your unhappiness in the present workplace, it will be a great idea to make a plan regarding all that you will be telling them, meaning, all those reasons that are making you unhappy at work. Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to have a serious conversation with a person holding authority. At the same time, there are things that we need to bring to the attention of people and let them know about the discomfort that we have.

In such cases, the best thing to do is to be well prepared. If you have all the pointers decided beforehand and are clear about all the things that you wish to bring up during the conversation, you will be able to make a proper impact and not get nervous during the meeting.

Making a plan will always help you cover all those points that are crucial and will make sure that you do not forget things because of all the nervousness in front of your boss. A plan can be the most helpful thing in case you want to have a fruitful conversation with your employer.

#2. Schedule A Meeting

The next step is to get your time with the boss and have the opportunity to use all the above planning and preparation. This might seem like too easy a task, but we suggest you be meticulous about scheduling the meeting. You do not want to conduct this meeting when your boss is in a bad mood as he is very likely to get annoyed by your talk. Tell them that you need to talk about something important and discuss some innovative ideas that can help the organization become stronger. In addition to that, you want to schedule it at a point when you can talk things through. In between meetings is not going to do the trick for you as that might end your conversation in the middle. Schedule it when the both of you can discuss things without being bothered by anything else.

#3. Keep Your Composure

It is easy to lose your composure while talking to somebody about the problems in your life. In fact, it is too easy, but you do not want to make your boss believe that emotions are driving your actions. You want to show them that you have thought it out carefully and weighed all the points before getting in touch with them. There is no room for emotions in the workplace, and you better check them at the door before you commence this crucial meeting with your boss.

#4. Watch Your Body Language

Sometimes when we are unhappy, we don’t even need to speak the words, and our body language says it all. So you need to be careful about what your body language may be conveying to your boss. You convened this meeting to explain to your boss an issue you are having and find an apt solution for it. You do not want to come across as an employee who has merely exhausted the motivation to work. Your body should explain that you are a hard-working employee who has come to them or her out of genuine concern.

#5. Do Not Just Complain, Suggest Solution

Everyone hates a complainer, and in all likeliness, your boss does too. Keep complaining about the things you hate about your current job, and soon he or she will get annoyed by you. Rather than being a complaint box, bring some solutions to the table. Suggest some changes that can help you deal with your solution. Whether it is new responsibilities that you would like to take or different role you would like to assume; just don’t go there without knowing what exactly it is you want.

#6. Ask For Ideas And Suggestions

There is a reason that your boss is your boss. He may not exactly know what is right for you, but he may have been in similar situations and have a few good ideas of his own for you to deal with this problem. Therefore, the key here is to have an open mind. Once you have stated what your problem is, you must give them the chance to say what they think you should do in this situation. Perhaps they will suggest a few good options. Taking your boss as a person you are here to negotiate with can be a huge mistake. Though the chances of them prioritizing you rather than the organization are less, there is still a chance that he might come up with something that is good and acceptable to both the parties.

#7. Have A Backup Plan

You never know what you will get out of this meeting. It could be something awesome, and it could be something disastrous for you as well. Just make sure that whatever it is, it isn’t something you cannot handle. Contemplate the worst case scenario while planning to talk to your boss and make a plan about how you are going to handle that circumstance. Also, your boss might not let you go in an instant but he or she might just start looking for a replacement the moment you walk out the door, and you do not want to wait for them to find it. Update your resume and start looking for another job. It is okay even if you have to switch jobs since you already weren’t happy here.

Do you think this article will help you talk to your boss about things that are making you unhappy at work? Comment in the box below to let us know. Also, do share your tips for our readers who are having this problem in their life. 

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