Who Is Indian Cricket Team's Best Player?

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Who Is Indian Cricket Team's Best Player?

The Indian team is currently on a tour of the West Indies. They are playing an ODI series against them. They have won the first 3 matches and recently lost the 4th ODI after not so go performance by the Indian batsmen.

However, India has had solid performances in recent years that has seen them numerous series and trophies against the heavyweights the cricketing world. The players have a huge hand behind those successes and on a given day, anyone can outperform anyone.

However, if you look at India's line-up, who do you feel is India's best player? Is it Captain Virat Kohli or our beloved MS Dhoni? Please share your thoughts with us and let us know who is the best player for India according to you in the comments below.

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MS Dhoni

M.S Dhoni is undoubtedly a very good captain and possesses excellent leadership quality. He has to be the best cricket player in Indian Cricket Team. The way he keeps himself calm and composed is the way one must be on the field and also behind the scene.

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