Indu Sarkar

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Indu Sarkar Set during the emergency Time between 1975 - 1977 and Indu Sarkar is based on the 21-month long period, when the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi had unilaterally declared a state of emergency across the country. Indu Sarkar is one-time watch movie.

Stars: Anupam Kher, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Kirti kulhari, Tota Roy Chaudhari
Director: Madhur Bhandarkar
Writer: Madhur Bhandarkar
Category: Drama, History
Release Date: 28-Jul-2017, India
Overall Ratings: 3.5 / 5
Indu Sarkar

If a political thriller excites you, then gear up to watch ‘Indu Sarkar’! Directed, co-produced and co-written by Madhur Bhandarkar, the movie explores the period of the emergency in India, i.e. the 21-month-long period from 1975 to 1977 and displays the gruesome violation of freedom that was exercised by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay.

Book your tickets if you want to watch this historical drama. However, before that, read the reviews here:


'Indu Sarkar' is high on the dramatic flourish, low on impact. So insipid is the 139-minute film, it leaves you wondering why on earth it has seen the light of day unless you deign to consider the political purpose that it serves in the current political scenario.

The Times of India

Madhur Bhandarkar seems to be taking calculated baby steps back to the time when he insisted on telling real stories as opposed to making superficial subjects seem real. 'Indu Sarkar' is at its best when it focuses on its protagonist's emotional struggles and dilemmas, leaving the politics behind

Indian Express

'Indu Sarkar' is a prime example of why there cannot be a truly trenchant political film made in India: regardless of the government in power, there is simply no way that an authentic true-to- its-time-and-place film can be made and put out there, because almost all ‘netas’, cutting across party lines, have the thinnest skin, and the ability to take offense at the slightest opportunity.


'Indu Sarkar' is a valuable addition to a slim catalog of films about the excesses of the period even though it lacks the political insights of the better works about the Emergency. Indu’s awakening is a personal one, spurred more by her concern for the children than deepening political understanding. The way Indu Sarkar tells it, the Emergency was yet another smash-and-grab moment, but in reality, it was so much more.

Opinions (17)

 Congress workers on Friday stalled the matinee show of Madhur Bhandarkar's 'Indu Sarkar'.


Watch if you like a political thriller movie and not much except above from 'Indu Sarkar'.

One time watch

Watch Indu Sarkar! ordinary movie to watch and poor storyline.

Well worth watching

Madhur Bhandarkar wants the present generation to know what happened during emergency Through his Upcoming Movie 'Indu Sarkar'.


Upcoming Movie Indu Sarkar actor Niel Nitin Mukesh shares first look of His Upcoming Movie Firrkie, See Pic


Indu Sarkar Movie Director Madhur Bhandarkar Provided security by the government of Maharashtra.


Bollywood actor Anupam Khe who plays a pivotal role in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Indu Sarkar said It is ridiculous and unfortunate.

Well worth watching

‘Indu Sarkar’ director Madhur Bhandarkar has been granted police protection after Congress workers demand a ban on ‘Indu Sarkar’.

Well worth watching

Upcoming Movie actress Kirti Kulhari said she does not support the Emergency and she is against Emergency.

Well worth watching

Madhur Bhandarkar: I won't show 'Indu Sarkar' to anyone

Movie Director Madhur Bhandarkar recently said that he won't show 'Indu Sarkar' to Anyone.


Upcoming Movie indu Sarkar Director Madhur Bhandarkar will put a disclaimer on dramatized events in 'Movie'.


Madhur Bhandarkar: Neil Nitin Mukesh agreed for 'Indu Sarkar' without reading script

Bollywood Director Madhur Bhandarkar said Neil Nitin Mukesh agreed for 'Indu Sarkar' without a reading script.


CBFC suggested 14cuts to Madhur Bhandarkar 's upcoming movie - Indu Sarkar.


A woman who claimed to be the daughter of Sanjay Gandhi said that the trailer of Indu Sarkar is shocking and misleading.


New song released from the movie Indu Sarkar titled ‘Yeh awaz hai’ it is a soft and wonderful song.


Madhur Bhandarkar said that he will not show 'Indu Sarkar' to anybody.


Director of the movie Indu Sarkar - Madhur Bhandarkar said that we hope Censor Board to be lenient to 'Indu Sarkar'.

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