Risks Involved in Product Distribution

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Risks Involved in Product Distribution

Businesses all over the world rely on different forms of transportation to channel goods from one place to another. Be it through trucks dotting the highways, or ships traversing the waters, deliveries of various goods such as medicine, food, clothes, furniture, petroleum, etc. are of crucial importance at a global scale. The process of product distribution to people as well as businesses does not always go smoothly, owing to unforeseen hitches. The following risks should be accounted for, when venturing into the industry of distribution companies in UAE:

Contamination- when petroleum is transported through seas, devastating consequences can occur if the ship sinks. Oil spills have severely detrimental impact of marine life and the environment in general. One also needs to exert enough caution when transporting medicine whether by road or sea.

Loss of merchandise- be it theft, fire, looting, car accidents, etc., trucks transporting sensitive or essential goods have to confront a number of threats. They are also often specifically targeted, which can prove to be dangerous as these sensitive goods should not fall in the wrong hands.

Accidents- potholes or unfamiliar roads can lead to accidents, especially if the truck driver drives too fast. Other factors such as mechanical malfunction, overloading, fatigue, etc. can also be responsible for sudden accidents.

Machine fails- there are thousands of warehouses in America. Heavy machinery is usually employed by them to move packaged products from one point to another. It goes without saying that manmade devices can fail due to lack of maintenance. Forklifts can malfunction and lose their brakes to crash into whatever lies in their path.

Falls and slips- slipping and falling accidents constitute 25% of all reported injuries. Of all reported deaths, 15% are as a result of slipping and falling, according to the 2011 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index. The manual handling of goods can lead to worker miscalculating the weight of a load. This in turn can result in a slip or fall, breaking of limbs, or even death if the fall is severe enough.

Product distribution is an integral part of any business process. By doing it right, distribution companies UAE can play it safe and set appropriate rules to protect workers. These are some of the risks related to product distribution, which should be taken into account.

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