These epic MMA wins of Kimbo will never been forgotten

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These epic MMA wins of Kimbo will never been forgotten

One of the greatest boxer come fighters, Kimbo Slice is the man, who has a larger than life image around his audience.

He has a great fan following and popularity all around the world. There is no doubt that Slice is highly skilled and it's really tough to defeat Slice in the ring or cage.

Besides the usual boxers and topmost fighters, Kimbo also defeated many of the world best boxers in his career, and all such facts make him the most extraordinary fighter.

The name Kimbo Slice was also a big hit in the platform of MMA. Kimbo inside the cage was not an easy freak to play with. Knock out the opponent was an easy matter for Kimbo. And that also happened with a lot of MMA matches. Now, the MMA and Kimbo lovers, let's have a look on the most unforgettable wins of Kimbo at MMA!

Kimbo Slice VS Ray Mercer

The ex-boxing champion and WBO Heavyweight Titleholder Mercer was the opponent of Slice in MMA. It was a great match, after all! Mercer is an awesome fighter, and the match was really awesome to see. But at last, Slice won the game with a first-round guillotine choke.

Slice VS Thomson

We all can remember the name James Thomson, the English fighter. It was May 2008, the EliteXC Primetime. James was really becoming heavy to Slice, but instantly a hard punch changed the track of the game. The punch was ruptured on Thomson’s ear, and it was serious. The referee had to stop the contest, and Slice won it as well.

Kimbo VS Tank Abbott

It was the EliteXC Street Certified on 2008 May. We all know the UFC legend, Dave TANK Abbott. This match was really a stunning feeling with these two hunks. But after all the Slice took only 43 seconds to knock out the Tank.

Slice VS Shamrock

Who don’t know the man Ken Shamrock! It was a match about 2:45 Minutes. It's not easy to defeat Shamrock, but still, Slice is the winner. This match was pretty hard for both, but the outstanding technique which Kimbo used to defeat Ken was really appreciable.

Slice VS Bo

This was the fight of 2007 November, the EliteXC Renegade. Bo Cantrell, one of the strongest fighters of the world, was knocked out by Slice only in 19 Seconds. It was a forcing wave to Cantrell with the white flag and slaughtering punches on the ground.

After all, Slice had a great career in boxing and fighting, and it also has been reported that recently Kimbo Slice has a net worth of $1 Million.

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