Who should learn martial Arts?

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Who should learn martial Arts?

Martial art is a systematic combat form practised across the world for a diverse set of reasons. They may be for self-defense, mental or spiritual enrichment. Martial arts have applications in military and law enforcement. Martial arts not only have entertainment value but also are a nation’s cultural asset.

In the recent past, martial arts have been broadly identified with combat disciplines for the eastern and south-eastern regions of Asia. However, almost every nation or kingdom that has ever had a military, has had an indigenous martial art. In the recent times, entertainment combat sport of ‘Mixed Martial Arts’ has popularised some nearly forgotten martial art forms.

Given its diversity and broad range of applications, who should learn martial arts?

  • Children

    Children should be ideal recipients of martial arts training at a relatively young age. Martial arts teaches children discipline and should also act as a platform to control hyperactivity in children. Martial arts works on the already flexible bodies of children and improves hand-eye coordination.

  • Youngsters

    Youngsters should look to martial arts for maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. They should look to bring about discipline and work on both mental and physical levels.

  • Women

    Women should learn martial arts for self-defence. Not just that, but women should learn martial arts to enhance their fitness and body strength.

  • Elders

    There are certain martial arts that should be taken up by the slightly older people who wish to learn the arts. Fluid body movement that martial arts teach, should help elderly people maintain their ageing bodies. Not only that, they should learn martial arts for mental wellness.