A short article on the boxing career of the street fighter Kimbo Slice

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A short article on the boxing career of the street fighter Kimbo Slice
The Boxing Career of Great Boxer Kimbo Slice

The original motivation and desire to be someone creates great man, and besides all the names of great men in the boxing and fighting history, the name of Kimbo Slice will appear forever.

Starting from a street fighter Slice is today an international name who has a huge fan following and popularity. It's true that Slice is no more with us in the world, but still, he appears every day on the TV, news, and in all the hearts of his fans. To be very true, achieving such remarkable milestones was also not easy for Kimbo, so make his career life more glamorous let's have a fast look at his total boxing career.

Kimbo Slice – The Street Fighter to International Champion

Slice started his first ever fighting career in the streets of America. He was always extraordinary with his talent, so achieving the best regards in the street fighting was not that hard for Kimbo. Within a couple of time, Slice becomes a highly apprised professional street fighter. During these days he was also engaged with lots of other activities, because money was required for his living, and he was really poor at that time. Slice was a bouncer, was a bodyguard and also worked as security guards in some American entertainment industries.

The time of 2010 August, Kimbo Slice announced his desire to be a professional boxer. He was highly intended for this field; after all, he was a heartfelt fighter. Kimbo never took boxing as boxing! It was also a man to man fight for him. Knockout was the only attention of Kimbo! But definitely accepting the rules & formalities of course.

During the time, he comes to the influence of Mr.Roy Jones, Jr., who came in front of media and stated that he would also like to see this strong fighter, playing in the ring. But a number of training boxing matches were required for Slice, rather less he didn’t have any previous experience of hardcore boxing. After all, Slice is a king of the ring, how much would it take to train Kimbo with some special keys. Kimbo didn’t take a lot of time.

Slice made his debut on Pro Boxing on 2011, August 13th against James Wade, usually, he won the fight, and here it all started. On October 15th, 2011, Slice also defeated Tay Bledsoe, on December 30th, he again defeated Charles Hackmann and that goes on. And Slice started playing city to city then country to country; he started rising in his fame and also get honored by hundreds of awards.

Besides getting super attention in the field of boxin,g Kimbo was also getting the success in his professional wrestling and his worldwide MMA career. And in those fields, he also becomes widely known for his contributions.

Today the man is passed from our planet, but he is still in our heart and he will love him forever. As Kimbo was poor during his early life, but at last the Kimbo Slice get a stand with a net worth of $500,000. Kimbo Slice will always be remarkable in the fighting history.
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