How to Properly Remove a Tick?

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How to Properly Remove a Tick?

Ticks, the pesky crawlers, spread some really life-threatening diseases to your pets and even in humans. It is a matter of 24 hours that one bite can start causing harm to the health. 

Therefore, easy tick removal in a swift manner is really essential. This is how to remove a tick from the skin and learn some conventional ways like how to remove ticks with Vaseline or how to remove ticks with cotton balls.

How To Remove A Tick From The Skin Of Your Pet

Here are some tried and tested easy tick removal ways, so your pet remains disease-free.

#1. How To Remove Ticks With Vaseline?

Resorting to safer ways of tick removal is really important if you aren't aware of any better techniques. In case you are a first timer, or if you haven't encountered the ways to remove a tick, then this is what you can do. Do not compromise your pet's health. Apply some Vaseline to the tick and suffocate the same.

tick removal

#2. How To Remove Ticks With Cotton Balls?

This isn't one of those traditional tricks and does wonders for easy tick removal. It's a perfect hack for places you cannot reach or tweeze. Just take a clean cotton ball and rub some liquid soap for around 20 seconds on the area where the tick is stuck. This enables the tick to detach itself from the particular spot and fall off. With the help of tweezers or another cotton ball, grasp the tick and flush it in the bathroom.

How To Remove Ticks With Cotton Balls?

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#3. How To Remove A Tick Head With Tweezers?

Waiting for the tick to detach itself might be a wrong idea. All you want to do is getting rid of the tick, so your pet doesn't suffer. Therefore, purchase an angled fine tip tweezers. Using your fingers, push back the fur of your pet from the area the tick is sticking, and initiate the process. Get closer to the mouth of that tick, and with the help of a tweezer apply even and steady pressure to pull it upwards in one go. Once the tick removal process is carried out, keep submerging each of them in alcohol and flush them down the toilet.

How To Remove A Tick Head With Tweezers?

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Warning: Consider buying a device that effectively helps in tick removal, if none of the above-mentioned ways work for you. Also, if you consider these ways, ensure everything is done under hygienic conditions.

Liked what you just read? Want to share any of your personal experiences or other such easy tick removal hacks? Let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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