Upcoming gadgets with amazing features in 2017

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Upcoming gadgets with amazing features in 2017

2017 beckons, with it's arms wide open. Ready to usher in a host of technologies set to amaze, dazzle & more importantly ease our lives.

Technology never stands stock-still. With each passing year, technology trends and breakthroughs outdo themselves. As a technology enthusiast, are you future-ready?

There are a host of gadgets lined up for 2017, but we feature the ones that really stand out and are set to change the way we consume technology.

  • Apple's iPhone 8

Apple gadgets are probably the most awaited gadgets, because of the amazing features & technologies the company exhibits with the launch of every new device. Expect some really awesome features with this phone as the company completes a decade of the iPhone. Rumours suggests the phone may have wireless charging capabilities, even from long range. It may be the thinnest ever iPhone. There are rumours that one of the models, codenamed ‘Ferrari’ would have borderless OLED screen, minus the traditional ‘home’ button.

  • Foldable Samsung Phone

Imagine a foldable touch-screen phone. The idea was first exhibited as a concept video in 2013. But since the company filed for a patent recently, rumours have been rife. Samsung is close to making it a reality this year. The tablet screen closes like a book, to allow the user to use the gadget ergonomically as a phone. Other companies like Lenovo & Oppo have also claimed to have created dual-screen, foldable phones, but have not been able to release it commercially. Samsung plans to enter the market first.

  • Smart Watch by Google

After confirming late last month, Google plans to launch two smartwatches, Swordfish & Angelfish, this year. There were speculations about the same as the company has been delaying the much awaited Android Wear 2.0 update. The Angelfish model is rumoured to have GPS & LTE connectivity & will probably be independent of a smartphone. Now isn’t that a game-changer?

  • Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch seems nothing short of revolutionary. Awaiting its release in March this year, the Nintendo Switch is set to take the gaming world by storm. The Switch works a traditional gaming console, which can be connected to TVs; but where it becomes truly radical is that it doubles up as a portable gaming device, with a stand, headphone jack & detachable controllers. Game on?

  • XBox Project Scorpio

Later this year, Xbox will be launching the Project Scorpio, a gaming console that amped up version of Xbox One that is being designed to work with 4K resolution monitors or televisions & probably integrate VR headsets for VR gaming.

  • Google Chromebook, powered by Andromeda

Rumours suggest that the company is overhauling both Android & Chrome, and is in the works to ready a new OS. Google will be launching its new Chromebook, featuring a new OS codenamed Andromeda, which is basically a fusion of Android & Chrome OSes. The Chromebook will be a 2-in-1, functioning both as a tablet & a traditional laptop.

  • HTC Vive 2 VR headset

The second edition of HTC’s Vive VR headset is set to become reality in 2017. HTC had raised eyebrows with its foray into Virtual Reality, but they have not disappointed. The HTC Vive 2 VR headset is rumoured to have connectivity with PCs.

Windows will be rolling out an update on the Windows 10 for VR integration. This will open up a lot of options for other VR headsets manufacturers this year. 

Are you at the frontier of technology? Which gadgets are you looking forward to?


What is the source of these gadgets? Many times i have seen such post but when real product come it is totally different than what it was described earlier. 

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