What are some characteristics of a homogeneous society?

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What are some characteristics of a homogeneous society?

A homogeneous society means a group of people where they share common traits like ethnic, religion, language, culture and political views.

There would be uniformity in thought and action thus reducing conflict among the people. There will be social harmony in homogeneous society. They are closed community and is not open to accept people from outside their circle.

A very good example of homogeneous society is Japan. They believe in common religion – Buddhism and Shintoism. And they also firmly believe in their traditional cultural values which also has influenced their political and economic outlook. Their unity during the troubled times of nation is symbolic which cannot be seen globally anywhere.

But, homogeneous society has its bane. The perfect example is the Nazi regime. For  want of pure Aryan blood, millions of Jews were persecuted. Intra-tribal conflicts existing in African countries, is also another negative aspect of homogeneous society as one group is not willing to accept other groups.

So, although existence of homogeneous society is good, but it is not the need of the hour. Since Inter-racial marriages are happening at a very fast pace,  existence of homogeneous society is threatening to such people. Now-a-days, such societies are dwindling from this world. But the sad part is this.. Existence of certain cultural values and traditions of such homogeneous societies will be completely lost from the minds of future generations to come.

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