What are some good techniques to increase the learning capacity?

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What are some good techniques to increase the learning capacity?

It is a well-known fact that individuals differ from each other in aspects more than one. One such aspect is their ability to learn, memorize, retain and thereby reproduce. It is indeed a tricky business, and not everyone can master this intricate and elaborate process of learning. 

But, it is also true that to build a prosperous future, one must first invest, intellectually, in the primary years of his life as a student. Easier said than done, you think? Not quite. Perseverance is key. It is important to be a dedicated candidate, to set goals for yourself and reap the benefits from a healthy future.

Having a good teacher-student relationship, keeping up to dated with homework and assignments, attending classes regularly and not playing truant are some of the easiest ways to maintain a good grade and reputation in school. Doing so also ensures that teachers pay you attention and will sincerely help you when you need them. If you do not reciprocate to their efforts, then the entire process is futile! 

But the process of learning can become quite tedious and a burden for a few students out there. No matter how much they push themselves in other ways, they can somehow never manage to get the grades they think they deserve. So where does lies the fault?

It is often observed that though they spent a lot of time apparently reading and studying, the process is altogether faulty because they can never really retain the same while taking an exam. If you fail to retain important points and significant keywords, you will invariably lose marks and thus be awarded a lower grade!

Studying and gaining knowledge is one thing, but preparing for a test is a different ball game altogether. One has to imbibe certain skills to understand important sections and practice them separately. This process needs to be carefully and smartly undertaken. So in the section down under we will briefly go over some of the ways one can enhance their retention abilities and thereby improve the process of learning.

a. Walk your mind

Studies indicate that taking frequent walks or engaging in simple body stretches or exercises can do wonders for intellectual and academic progress. The movement of the body follows a shift in physical space which is a great catalyst for improving the learning process. The change in location is thus not only beneficial for the body, but also for the mind. It is believed to be a significant way to avoid future chances of dementia and memory loss.

b. Play games 

Yes, you heard me right. Contrary to popular belief, games played on a strict time limit can enhance brain developmental skills leading to sharper wit and smarter intellect. They help to improve reasoning power, questioning abilities and give birth to a heightened sense of understanding logic. Similar games are available in stores, supermarkets or even on the internet these days.

c. Try to test yourself 

Pretend classes can be really helpful. What I mean by ‘pretend’ is that you dictate and explain loudly each section that you have read in a make-belief classroom. Speaking loudly can help you in retaining the study material. You could also ask friends to test you orally. That way you will immediately be able to find out your weaker areas and concentrate on them specifically.


d. Take notes :

Being attentive during classroom sessions and lectures is a pivotal way to becoming a great exam taker. A classroom months before your test is far less intimidating than the exam room or perhaps your own bedroom the night before your exam. So concentrate in class and take notes when you can. But it is mandatory that you go back and review them each day. For convenience, you could write the scribbled bits in a proper manner on a fresh notebook too. That will not only help you in understanding each lesson better but also ensure that you are always updated.

e. Get a good night’s sleep

And having been in your shoes, I could not emphasize on this more. Having adequate sleep is as important for retaining study material as it is to take multiple baths in summer! Sleep not only re-establishes your body cycle, but it also ensures that you remember well. Having a good, deep round of sleep can help fight emotional and physical stress. It is critical to note that students must cease to pull all-nighters a week before their test is due. That way their body can slowly go back to its normal routine and start functioning properly.


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