What are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

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6 Benefits of getting Dental Bridges


Missing one or more teeth especially your front teeth can lower your confidence and self-esteem. Many people become self-conscious about the way they talk and smile when they lose some of their teeth. In fact, several people become reluctant to smile during social interactions giving way to many awkward situations. The outer skin near the lips and oral region also sags in the event there are missing teeth giving an aged appearance.

The effectiveness of your bite

When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth cannot provide evenly distributed force when you bite. This results in no bite in the places where there are missing teeth. Some people choose to chew their food on the side with all teeth intact if they have missing teeth on the other. This is due to the habit they develop subconsciously.

Displacement of surrounding teeth

Though our teeth are firmly fixed on our jaws, they can move. This issue aggravates when you have a missing tooth. The adjacent teeth intrude into the gaps and can drift from their original position.

Speech problems

Your gums and teeth also provide shape and support to your face. Your speech may also be affected due to lack of support to your tongue in the absence of one or more tooth. If one of the front teeth is missing, a typical hiss sound is produced while the patient speaks.


When there are missing teeth and they have not been extracted professionally, your root is exposed which makes it prone to bacterial infections. Studies show that infections in tooth loss area are linked to heart disease, diabetes, and even kidney diseases. Gum infection can lead to serious gum diseases like periodontitis and can increase the risk of losing more teeth.

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