What are the Different Culture between USA and UK?

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What are the Different Culture between USA and UK?

From language to culture to accent to politics and religion everything is different between the USA and the UK. For beginners, USA stands for United States of America and UK stands for the United Kingdom. The funny part is that the two countries are divided by a common language: the usage of English and the long lost history make people believe the two are close, but they are not.

• People of the United Kingdom are known as Britishers or English, whereas people of the United States of America are known as Americans.

 • Americans are mostly friendly. Starting a conversation with a stranger is very common in America, whereas it is not a common part of British culture. Initiating a conversation with a stranger in the United Kingdom might turn into an awkward moment.

• Both the countrymen have a difference in attitude towards the religion. In America, Christmas is a religious holiday while in England it is a secular holiday.

• Like people say if an American wants to kill you, he will take a gun, run after you and keep shooting until you are dead. But if a Britisher wants to kill you, he will offer you a coffee, discuss the issue and if things don’t work out, slip poison in your coffee before calmly slitting your throat (from the movies).

• The drinking culture is backward in the UK. The pubs close early in the evening, and look like the community living rooms. Americans are very fond of drinking, casual and professional both.

• People in America are more serious and professional about sports than in Britain. The craze for football is huge in the USA but irrelevant in the UK.

• Print media is still a thing in the UK, whereas it is not in the USA.

• In America, having a gun is like having a cell phone. In the UK having a gun is very rare, so is hunting. Hunting is an upper-class thing in the US.

• The English love to walk. Their routine covers 60% to 70% of walking in a day. Walking is rare for Americans.

• Obama is considered a hero in the UK and Bush an idiot.

• In the United States of America on 14% of the population have their passports, and in the UK everyone has a passport.

• In the UK, talking about politics and religion is considered as not a good taste. In the USA, politics is a part of religion; and religion is everything.

• The Britishers are more inclined towards culture as compared to the Americans.

• The people of the UK are crazy about their gardens as the American are about the cars.

I would like to quote a blogger for this, one who very aptly described the difference between the two. Mark Harrison answered to how one should respond when a stranger asks, “What do you do?” He writes- "when talking to an American: list your employer, then the job title and when talking to a European: explain your hobbies."

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