What are the Most Epic Tweets by Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK?

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What are the Most Epic Tweets by Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK?

Kamal Rashid Khan, popularly known as KRK, has always managed to get the attention of the masses with his hilarious tweets. Not only does he comment on the most random of things, he has also declared war with numerous celebrities with his annoying and offensive tweets. In fact, there was a time when KRK was declared as India’s national pass time.  

To give you the glimpse into the controversial yet hilarious Twitter account, here are some of the funny tweets by KRK.

#1. On Barack Obama

Well, you know how real KRK’s Twitter game is when you see that he has not spared even the US President. He went on to proclaim how mad he was at the President for using an SRK dialogue instead of a KRK dialogue in his speech.

(Image Courtesy: Daily O)

#2. A Contest With Rajnikanth

With this another hilarious tweet, KRK left the cyber world in a fit of laughter when he contested himself against the legendary Rajnikanth and dared to ask who looked better. Moreover, the weird emphasis on ‘Me’ is something that cannot be ignored.

(Image Courtesy: MTV India)

#3. A Tweet Battle With Rishi Kapoor

Well, KRK got himself into some major trouble with his hilarious tweet war with Rishi Kapoor. He was even threatened with a defamation suit for his derogatory and offensive tweets. Anyhow, KRK left enough room for annoying entertainment for the masses even in the times of trouble.

(Image Courtesy: First Post)

#4. When KRK Got An Award From The President

So, KRK posted a picture of himself getting an award from the Indian President. That’s just not enough. He even went on to write a bizarre caption, which only made it plausible that it was, in fact, an ‘idiot of the year’ award.

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)

#5. Delhi Climate

In this hilarious tweet, KRK grapples with the difference between weather and climate. Nonetheless, the annoying entertainer went on to declare a 15-day stay in Delhi with this funny tweet. It’s all for the love of sexy climate.

(Image Courtesy: ScoopWhoop)

#6. When You Just Can’t Ignore Him

Well, at least KRK knows that there are people who hate him and his tweets are hard to ignore. Another one of the funny KRK tweets, this morning post just re-depicts how ‘badass’ he can get. Oh! He also has a unique way to address the public.

(Image Courtesy: Imgrum)

#7. A Teeth Compliment

While men around the world are struggling hard to come up with unique and moving compliments for their love interests, KRK nailed it with the compliment every girl waits her entire life to hear- ‘you’ve got a beautiful set of teeth’. That explains why so many women are madly in love with KRK.

(Image Courtesy: ScoopWhoop)

#8. Casting Sofia Hayat

We all remember the time when KRK offered Sofiya Hayat a role in his movie. Who would say no to a lifetime opportunity like this? Well, KRK just took Twitter and casting to a whole new level altogether with this hilarious tweet.

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)

#9. He Is Into Politics Too

With this funny tweet, KRK again showed the world that he does have his priorities straight. While breaking the hearts of many, KRK announced that he would marry any girl except a Bollywood actress, an air hostess, or a journalist. This was quite a day for every other woman out there.

(Image Courtesy: SccopWhoop)

#10.An Offer For Deepika Padukone

There was this time when KRK made a very special offer to Deepika Padukone that no Bollywood actress will ever dare to refuse. Well, it involved freaking 20 crores and a supposedly shady film. Could it get any better?

(Image Courtesy: ScoopWhoop)

We would love to hear from you. Which of the KRK tweets did you find the funniest? Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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