What Are The Top Factors That Can Cause Prostate Cancer?

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Cases of prostate cancer have increased in past few years. The prostate is a small gland that is located underneath the bladder in men and is a part of the reproductive system. Cancer caused at this part of the body grows slowly and usually in later part of life. There are only rare cases where the cancer cells of Prostate Cancer grow quickly, spread to other parts of the body or may be more aggressive. The earlier it is detected and treatment completed, greater is the chance to find the curative Prostate Cancer Treatment. This is the second most common disease that occurs in older men.

What Causes Prostate Cancer? 

Before you look for the effective Prostate Cancer Treatment, you need to know about its causes. Although it is not easy to find the exact causes, there are multiple factors that include genetics and even exposure to environmental tonics like radiation and chemicals. Overall, mutations in DNA or genetic material normally lead to the growth of cancerous cells. These mutations cause cells to grow in prostrate abnormally and uncontrolled. In such patients, cancerous cells continue to divide and grow and spread in other parts of the body. Along with this, there are few factors that increase the risk of Prostate Cancer like age, family history, race, diet, and geographical location. 

Factors that cause Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer is a disease that slowly grows and is different from other types of cancer. There are few certain risk factors that are linked to more aggressive types of condition. The risk of acquiring Prostate Cancer may be higher when an individual smoke, have a sedentary lifestyle, are obese and consume high levels of calcium. These risk factors generally increase a person’s chance to develop cancer. Although these factors have a high risk of cancer, most of them do not directly cause cancer. Thus, it is good to know the risk factor and talk about this to the doctor that help more informed lifestyle and health care choices. 

Understand the following main factors that raise the risk of developing Prostate Cancer:

Race/ethnicity: Black men are more risk towards this disease over the white men. Indian men are more likely to develop Prostate Cancer at an early age and have a more aggressive tumor that grows quickly. This may also include socioeconomics, genetics and other factors. on the other hand, Hispanic men have a lower risk of developing Prostate Cancer and death rate due to this disease over non-Hispanic white man. 

Age: We know that the risk factor of Prostate Cancer also increases with age especially after 50. Over 80% of the cancer is diagnosed in men over 65 years or older. 

Family History: Prostate Cancer commonly run in a family and is known as familial prostate cancer and occurs over 20% of the time. This often developed due to the combined and shared genes from parents, environment or lifestyle factors. Most of the time, this cancer is also inherited from a relative and is rare. It also passes from one generation to next. 

Eating habits: Many studies showed that certain eating behavior cause cancers and a high risk of prostate cancer. 

Other genetic changes: There are several genetic changes that cause Prostate Cancer. However, there is no direct cause for this. 

When you experience any of the problems and are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. All you need is to look for the Prostate Cancer Treatment. Fort his, you can visit Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre. This is the best cancer hospital in Delhi and you can consult for risk factors and stay away from Prostate Cancer.  

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