What is ISO 14644?

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What is mean by ISO 14644? Use of ISO 14644?

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ISO 14644 is international standard design for cleanrooms. It means if you want to design a clean room then you need to apply for ISO 14644 standard.

Composition for ISO 14644:

Step 1: Air cleanliness classification according to particle concentration

Step 2: Monitoring to provide evidence of cleanroom performance related to air cleanliness by particle concentration

Step 3: Test methods

Step 4: Design, construction, and start-up

Step 5: Operations

Step 6: Separative devices (clean air hoods, gloveboxes, isolators and mini-environments)

Step 7: Classification of air cleanliness by chemical concentration (ACC)

Step 8: Classification of surface cleanliness by particle concentration

Step 9: Classification of surface cleanliness by chemical concentration.

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