What is the Cost of IVF Treatment in Bangalore?

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What is the Cost of IVF Treatment in Bangalore?

With IVF becoming a viable option for expanding a family, there are a lot of couples curious to know the estimated cost of the treatment for the procedure. While health companies like Credihealth have summed a figure amounting to Rs 1 Lakh, are there other medical facilities in Bangalore that are offering the procedure at an economical rate?

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In Bangalore, the cost of IVF is quite expensive. it ranges from 2 to 3 lakhs. this further varies from hospital to hospital and doctor to doctor. 

The treatment of In Vitro Fertilization is considered one of the safest methods to get pregnant. In Vitro Fertilization is done not only to achieve successful and healthy pregnancy, but also for women who have some blockage in the fallopian tube. Some of the best IVF Treatments Facility are found here; Apollo Fertility, Manipal Fertility, TamaraHospital and IVF Centre. They provide some of the best facilities at a price starting from Rs.1,50,000. The higher money you shell, the better facilities you get. So next time, when you go for an IVF Treatment, you know where to go!

IVF is a very costly procedure and requires a lot of tests and the procedure can range from 90,000 to 3,00,000. It just depends upon the facility from where you are getting the procedure done, the rates vary from place to place and even from city to city. Another option that you have is simply to adopt a child, you will give a better life to someone that way. 

IVF is quite a costly treatment and an expert might just be consulted for the same. Cost of the procedure varies from place to place and facility to facility. It can start from RS. 50,000 and go up to an endless amount. Go through the details of what's being included in the cost and make sure you aren't charged for something that remains hidden. 

Needless to say that IVF treatment can be quite expensive. After doing a considerable amount of research on the internet, I found out that the average cost of the treatment including the cost of medication can cost anywhere between 2-3 lakhs. 

From Apollo to Momsoon Clinic, most medical centres are charging between Rs 2.5 Lakhs to Rs 3 Lakhs. If you have an offer from Credihealth at that price, in my opinion, you must avail it. 

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