What is the use of online writing service?

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Essay writing is a difficult task for me and almost all students. Whatever may be the purpose of writing essays it has certain rules. It is difficult to follow all such rules and include all information in my essay. That’s why I need someone to help. I heard that there are many custom essays writing service that can help me. Is it really useful? Do they provide best essays with genuine contents? is it become helpful to gain good scores in academics?

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I'm not quite sure about such services. I had an awkward situation because I used one of those once. And they also don't work on resources much so the content eventually has a low level of uniqueness.

I'll share my personal tip on how to make writing an essay faster. I record my thoughts for an essay on a dictaphone and then I just follow this guide  https://audext.com/how-to-auto-transcribe-audio-to-text/ and turn them into text. That way I don't forget anything important from my initial thoughts and can begin with structuring and formatting. 

Though I have troubles with finding reliable sources for essays, would be glad to know some tips for that :)

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