A brief insight about Asthma

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A brief insight about Asthma

Asthma can be termed as a long-term health disease affecting your lungs and breathing airways. The common symptoms of the disease include chest pain, shortness of breath and terrible coughing. When the condition becomes worse, a person may even suffer from asthma exacerbation or what is better known as an asthma attack.

During an attack, the breathing airways become inflamed, and it may cause breathing disorders. You may cough a lot, and it can even become a life –threatening condition.

 Types of asthma attack

•    Mild form of asthma attack

Most of the people who have Asthma does not experience a severe asthmatic attack in the life. In most of the cases, the breathing airways open up after the small duration of time. People need to be cautious with their diseases and carry the requisite inhalers or medicines. It can prevent severe asthma attacks to endanger your life.

•    Life-threatening asthma attack

When the condition of asthma gets worse, a patient may suffer from life-threatening asthma attacks. It is mainly caused due to a shortage of oxygen in your body. A person may experience breathing problems, loss of consciousness and can even result in death.

Causes of asthma

Asthma can be caused due to various reasons. For many people, an asthma attack can be triggered due to excessive physical exertion. The breathing system may get exaggerated, and it can block your airways. Mild asthma attack lasts for few minutes, but in life-threatening attacks, the breathing problem continues.

Some of the asthma attacks are also caused due to certain allergic reactions in the body. Allergies from pet hair, harmful chemicals, smoke, dust particles, cleaning chemicals and pollen grains can trigger an asthma attack. Excessive emotional burden or mental stress can even induce respiratory disorders resulting in causing severe asthma attacks.

Early symptoms of asthma attack

If you have a proper knowledge of these early signs or symptoms, it will help to get proper diagnosis or treatment. There are numerous early signs of asthma attack such as:--
•    Breathing disorders like accelerated breathing
•    Sweating
•    Body fatigue
•    Severe wheezing
•    The feeling of panic
•    Restless sleep
•    An increase in a nighttime cough
•    Allergy symptoms

With proper knowledge of the symptoms and causes of Asthma attack, people can be made aware of the disease and they can further take preventive measures.

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