Young and Hungry

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Young and Hungry

‘Young and Hungry’ is an American TV series about a girl Gabi (Emily Osment) who is twenty three years old and cooking is her passion. She is much irresponsible and hyperactive and desperately in need of a job as she barely able to pay the rent and she also has a bad luck in love as she has not found it yet.

Gabi is a food-blogger who lives with her friend Sofia Rodriguez (Aimee Carerro), who is infact her best friend. In desperate need of a job, she applies for a job of personal chef for a millionaire named Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) who is twenty nine years old. At first her application for the job gets rejected as the job was offered to a professional chef without even interview. Then after urging so much by Gabi, she gets a chance to prepare a trial dinner. Josh likes the taste of the food prepared for trial dinner and offers her a job as his personal chef. She is then accompanied by his house-keeper named Yolanda (Kym Whitley) and agent Elliot (Rex Lee).

Her life becomes full of adventures and comedy and also bit romance. At first, Josh tells her to prepare dinner for his girlfriend as he was going to propose for marriage so he wanted Gabo to prepare such a dinner that his girlfriend would say yes to him. But his girlfriend named Caroline breaks up with him and he in sadness and distraught have a one-night stand with Gabi. They realize the next day the mistake they had made and they decide to keep it a secret which results in Gabi having romantic feelings for Josh.

Gabi has a best friend and roommate Sofia, who is ambitious and career-driven. Sofia is doing a job of bringing coffee to the clients at her office. Sofia is very much supportive and gives advices to Gabi. She also does pep talks with her on continuing her job. She knows about Gabi and Josh’s hook-up. Sofia unknowingly becomes friends with Josh’s ex-girlfriend Caroline at a singing show and they both bond very nicely.

Josh’s agent Elliot, is his right-hand and publicist. He is very important person and close to Josh. He plays the role of gay publicist in the drama. He is not ashamed of being gay and openly tells everyone about it. He does not like Gabi as Gabi is inexperienced and he would like to hire some professional chef for Josh. He keeps criticizing Yolanda for her weight. But he cares a lot for Josh and would do anything to make him smile. He keeps fighting and having battles with Gabi on occasions but after all the fights, they are good friends.

Yolanda is house-keeper of Josh. She is very frank and speaks whatever is on her mind. She is not secretive. She has a bit of attitude and sassy and is very loud-spoken. She and Elliot always keep on arguing which brings in the comedy in the show. She and Elliot also know about Gabi and Josh’s hook-up.

In the first season, Josh’s girlfriend agrees for marriage with him later. So they get engaged and she becomes his fiancée. She is very much into herself or can be called as self-obsessed. She is always worried about her own physical appearance and looks and is very materialistic. She takes care more of herself than Josh. Josh knows all these things but over-looks these as he loves her. Gabi is always in a try to impress Caroline but Caroline thinks that she is not professional chef so she cannot be trusted.

In the second-third season, there enters a guy named Cooper who works as a computer hacker for Josh. He secretly romances with Gabi and Josh does not like this. As Cooper finds it difficult to keep his relationship with Gabi as a secret from Josh, he breaks up with her and goes to China. Cooper moves back to San Francisco on nice romantic gesture. He has a big fight with Gabi when he found out that she and Josh had slept together but when he finds that she loves him, they get back together.

Elliot marries a guy named Bryan who had a crush on Elliot since college. He is also a gay and set up with Elliot by Gabi. He is the owner of a gay bar. Josh’s younger brother Jake wants to become a chef and falls in love with Gabi. But Josh confesses his love for Gabi and she breaks-up with Jake.

All and all, it is an amazing show with great comedy and very good actors.

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