10 Best Italian Foods You Must Try

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10 Best Italian Foods You Must Try

Italians are very serious about their food, and this is pretty evident in their cuisine. Try any Italian dish, and you will experience an explosion of vivid aromas and flavors. If you are a culinary enthusiast, wondering about the ten best Italian food recipes you must try, then keep reading.

The Italian cuisine goes way beyond the lip-smacking pizzas, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. Besides, there are also several regional dishes that originate from the different areas of Italy. Checkout the ten best Italian foods that you must sample.

#1. Mushroom Risotto

Though there are scores of types of risotto, mushroom risotto is the favorite of many. Delicious and filling, the dish is made with dried porcini mushrooms, chestnut mushrooms, risotto rice, butter, vegetable stock cubes, and Parmesan or Grana Padano cheese. Sauteed mushrooms cooked in brandy and rice prepared slowly with stock, and freshly grated cheese make for a treat for the senses.

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#2. Lasagna

One of the most famous and best traditional Italian dishes, lasagna is loved all over the world. Made with onion, tomato sauce, lasagna noodles, and mozzarella, parmesan and ricotta cheeses along with ground beef, pork or chicken, this pasta recipe is perfect for family dinners and get-togethers. In this dish, layers of lasagne sheets are separated by sauces and several other ingredients.

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#3. Ribollita

Originating from the Tuscany region of Italy, Ribollita is an Italian vegetable soup made with bread and vegetables. Though there are many versions of the dish, its main ingredients are carrots, cannellini beans, celery, potatoes and lacinato kale. The recipe was created by servants who prepared meals using the leftover food of their masters, but it has made its way to the top of the Italian food.

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#4. Chicken Marsala

Talking about the ten best Italian food recipes, you must try and not mention chicken marsala would be unjustifiable. All you need to prepare this dish are chicken breast, extra-virgin olive oil, oregano, mushrooms, all-purpose flour and some marsala wine and you have yourself a filling feast of chicken marsala.

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#5. Spaghetti Carbonara

The smoothness of cheese, the freshness of parsley and punch of black pepper, spaghetti carbonara is a mouth-watering balance of flavors. Among the best Italian food recipes to try, this simple dish requires only a few ingredients like egg yolk, parmesan cheese, bacon, spaghetti, garlic and some olive oil.

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#6. Ossoburo alla Milanese

Osso buco in Italian means bone with a hole. This braised veal dish is among the best traditional Italian recipes you will ever come across. Do not let the simplicity of this recipe fool you. It is rich, and gremolata, made by stirring lemon zest and chopped parsley together, adds a refreshing flavor to it.

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#7. Chicken Parmesan

Breaded and fried chicken, soaked in tomato sauce and covered with mozzarella and parmesan cheese tastes so good that you will keep asking for more. Inquire people you know about the best Italian foods they have ever tasted, and the most of them would mention this dish. The real star of the dish is the sauce, which is made with tomato puree, crushed tomatoes, bay leaf, parsley and Cubano pepper, and seasoned with salt and pepper.

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#8. Panzanella

Panzanella is a Tuscan salad made with tomatoes and bread, which is widely eaten in Italy during the summer season. A great dish for health conscious people, it is prepared with fresh bread dried in over and tomato juice mixed with vinegar to create the vinaigrette. There are many variations of the dish, which depends on the various vegetables used in the preparations.

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#9. Turrone

Typically made of sugar, egg white, and honey along with roasted almonds and other nuts, turrone or turron is a boxy cut or round cake confection. Up until about a few decades ago, only one recipe of this sweet dish was followed, but the diversification of products led to dozens of variations of the candy.

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#10. Gelato

Italians have their version of the ice cream called gelato, which is low in fat but high in sugar content and flavoring. If you have a sweet tooth and are looking to taste all the best Italian food recipes, then this is one dessert you should not miss out. The delicious ice cream is known for its richness, which makes it stand out among the other sweetened frozen food available in the global market. Cream, vanilla, hazelnut, pistachio, chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, and peach are among the traditional and most sought-after gelato flavors.

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We would love to hear from you more about other delicious Italian dishes that you love the most. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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How have we missed pizza? It is so popular that we may have forgotten its Italian origins, but it is the most famous Italian dish. If prepared well, it is one of the best dishes!
Spaghetti Carbonara
chicken marsala seems delicious.

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