2 Way Tricot V.S. Peach Skin Fabric, Which Should You Choose?

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2 Way Tricot V.S. Peach Skin Fabric, Which Should You Choose?

When mentioning dakimakura fabrics, people always say 2-way tricot or peach skin. Yes, except for super soft velvet and smooth knit, 2-way tricot and peach skin are the common fabrics of anime body pillows. Then 2-way tricot V.S. peach skin, which better? In this article, you will find your answers.

What's 2-Way Tricot and Peach Skin Fabric?

Peach Skin Fabric will be adored by your wallet! It's the cheapest and most basic out of others. To put in simpler terms, it's polyester. However, even though it may not be the softest cloud on the market, it is one of the more durable options. It doesn't rip or fade and has great picture quality! The reason for this is the smooth nature of the fabric.

Two-way tricot has the best picture quality! Its softness-o-meter is off the charts! Best of all, it will last FOREVER!! This tends to be the most expensive fabric as well, but who has ever heard of a cheap god? Exactly, no one. So if you have money to spare then this really should be your number one choice when deciding to buy your dakimakura.

So in general, 2-way tricot quality is much better than peach skin fabric for anime dakimakura pillows. While peach skin is cheaper than 2-way tricot fabric in the market. Just like Coosfly.com, you'll save $10-$26 or so for every pillowcase. Certainly, if you want to have a better experience with anime body pillows, we suggest you pick 2-way tricot, which is usually beautiful. Then you determine to buy a 2-way tricot fabric dakimakura pillow covers, how to maintain and wash it after you own it? After all, it's so expensive. The following is the tips, just for you.

How to Wash 2 Way Tricot Body Pillows?

2-way tricot body pillowcases cost you lots of money, so you do need to maintain it in good condition. Then we'll show you how to wash your expensive 2-way tricot dakimakura pillowcases. 

Step 1: remove the case and inner pillow

 If you have placed your pillow in a pillowcase or sham, take this off now. Some pillows come with additional zip-on cases that should also be removed and washed separately from the body of the pillow.

Step 2: put it in your washing machine

Place your pillows in the dryer and adjust the settings; if your pillows are feather-filled, put your dryer on the "air"/"fluff"/"no heat" setting. For synthetic pillows, switch your dryer to low heat.

Step 3: dry your pillows

Take two tennis balls and put them in separate clean, white socks. Throw these in the dryer with your pillows to fluff them and help decrease their drying time. Then start your dryer!

Step 4: check your pillows is clean and undamaged

When your dryer has finished its cycle, remove the pillows and feel them, checking for dampness. Smell the pillows to check for moisture in the center. If your pillows don’t feel quite dry, repeat the drying process and check them again a second time. Otherwise, your pillows are clean and ready!

As long as you pay attention to keep your body pillowcase, you could use your body pillows for 2-3 years. Coosfly.com do offer various kinds of dakimakura pillow covers, including super soft velvet, smooth knit, peach skin, especially 2-way tricot. Head over to shop at Coosfly.com and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99+.

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