41 Human Foods for Cats: What Can Cats Eat?

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Perhaps you have been wondering whether it is safe to give your cat human food without having any adverse effects on him. The truth of the matter is that there are some human foods which can safely be consumed by cats while others should be a no go zone. Here is a detailed classification of the various human foods and how relevant or irrelevant they are to cats.

1.    Human foods that are safe for cats
These are foods that will not harm your feline friend in one way or another. In fact, such foods will help in keeping your cats healthy and strong. Foods like peas, turkey, eggs, pumpkin, broccoli, spinach, apples, rice, shrimp, beef, carrots, fish and watermelon will be great for your feline friend.

2.    Foods that should be given with a lot of care
While such foods may be beneficial to your cats, if given in excess amounts then they will be harmful to your cat. They should be given in moderation so that they can be beneficial to your cat instead of becoming a health hazard. They include peanut, ham, sausage, strawberries, bacon, bread, blueberries, potatoes, raw meat and fish.

3.    Not recommended
These are foods that do not any nutritional benefits for your cat. There is no point of feeding them to your cat as they will just complicate his digestive system. They include oranges, pineapples, spam, milk, almonds, tomatoes, crackers, corn and peaches. Be careful enough not to feed your cat on these foods.

4.    Never feed your cat on these foods
These are foods that are out rightly harmful to your feline friend. Such foods will pose a lot of danger to your cats and may even kill him after a given period of time. A good dog owner should try as much as possible never to feed his cat on such foods. Such foods include raw chicken, avocado, chicken bones, garlic, alcohol, chocolate ice cream and chocolate.

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