7 Hottest Dakimakura Pillows that Otaku Love

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Summer is coming soon. And some hot anime is begining sweeping across the global.This is a wonderful time for otaku. They can enjoy their favorite anime and buy dakimakura pillows to accompany them to spend the hot season.And here, we will introduce 7 hottest dakimakura pillows which present different kind of girls that otaku love.

Tohru--Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Dakimakura Pillow

This anime is to tell the story about Miss Kobayashi met a Dragon called Tohru. The dragon becomes a maid who has horns and tail to take care of Miss Kobayashi. Then the advanture begins.Tohru is obsessed with Miss Kobayashi after she was saved by Miss Kobayashi.She is so cute but she is a dragon in nature.So she always look down upon peole except for Miss Kobayashi.She changes her attitude towards people after she gets accustomed to people's life.

Super Lovely Izumi Sagiri Dakimakura pillow

When seeing this image, I guess otaku can't resist her cute charm. Izumi Sagiri is so lovely which is different from Tohru. She is just like a little girl. In fact, she is a 14-year-old junior high school student. She is just like a hikikomori who is waiting for her step brother to take good care of her. You can see her innocence,her fight in jest or for fun with her brother and her grow-up.This is a good dakimakura pillow for otaku.

New Erza Scarlet Fairy Tail Dakimakura Pillow

This girl is from anime Erza Scarlet.Do you feel her enchanting as well as a sense of strong-willed? She is a young woman with long and scarlet hair and brown eyes. She is strict with others all the time, but her amazing figure may let you forget about her seriousness just remember her beauty.

Violet Evergarden Dakimakura Pillow Cover

For violet Evergarden, we can see her elegance and grace which will make you feel very comfortable. It is another kind of girl that otaku may fell in love with. As for the dakimakura pillow, it is attractive in price and quality. You will never want to miss it, either.

Super Sexy Saber Dakimakura Pillow

As for Fate Grand Order, we must have to say it is always popular. So is this dakimakura pillow.It is so sexy that otaku blow their mind. When they want a girlfriend, this super sexy saber dakimakura pillow is the best choice for them.It can accompany them, help them relieve their pressure and have a good sleep.

Tojo Nozomi - Love Live Dakimakura Pillow

Here we introduce you another sexy body dakimakura pillow. She is pretty but sometimes she likes a loli girl. However, she can also be hot and open. This beautiful face with shy expression will arouse your desire to her,isn't it?

 Nier Automata 2B Dakimakura Pillow

Can otaku hold their feeling off Nier?The answer is definitely no. Nier is just like a woman warrior to protect the things, which she thought it is important, from being hurt.So this brave girl is hottest for otaku, no matter in the anime or in the game. Automatically,this dakimakura is popular.

Above all we mentioned, those are 7 hottest dakimakura pillows that otaku love. And they are sold at Coosfly.com, if you like it, please take it home!

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