7 simple steps for Asian wedding makeup

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Getting married is a special feeling. You definitely want to be the best on the best day of your life! But during the wedding, you must remember many things that can be stressful. But one thing you do not have to worry about is makeup! Thanks to this effective makeup, the audience will surely be surprised. This makeup guide is easy to follow and you can also change the colours to your liking.

Jump! Let's start our makeup journey!

7 steps to getting Asian wedding makeup

Step 1:

Hide all your shadows with a strong equalizer. By lifting the makeup of your eyes, this step will provide a better definition of your eyes. Of course, we do not want to look tired and bored on our big day, right? Here I used the stealth corrector Derma Kryolan to hide and darken my shadows.

Then we go to the makeup of the eyes. Get a creamy black cabbage and even the edges of the upper lashes. This step does not have to be clean since we will dye it later.

Step 2:

Apply a bright purple shade to the cabbage and mix gently with the shaded eyebrow. Then apply a bright red and bright red eye shadow directly over the natural crease line. Then mix gently with a purple tone. Here I used the palette of eyeshadows Lakme in Tanjore Rush for purple eyeshadow and Shadow 0504 Claire for a red eyeshadow.

Step 3:

Now apply the shiny golden shadow on the middle part of the mobile cover and keep it under the fold. This step raises his eyes and gives him a great look. Here I used the Lakme palette in Tanjore Rush to create a brilliant golden eye shadow. Now apply a matte black eye shadow on the eye and pull it slightly inward at the center of the eye. Here I used Kryolan's shadowy black shadow.

Step 4:

Now begin to mix all eye shadows to obtain a smoother smoked appearance. Use a soft and narrow brush for eye shadows for this step. I used a complex Kryolan brush here.

Step 5:

Apply the same purple eye shadow to add depth to your eye makeup. Here I used the Lakme eyeshadow palette in Tanjore Rush to get purple eye shadows. Then use a liquid black eyeliner and draw a thin, winged and dramatic line. Here I used the liquid Kryolan Black cartridge.

Step 6:

Apply the same purple and gold eyeshadow on the bottom line of the eyelash to get a balanced eye image. Then apply a black cabbage to the water line of the eye.

Step 7:

Apply a voluminous mask on the upper and lower lashes to complete the makeup of your eyes. Here I used L'Oreal Million Lashes Mascara.

And a beautiful wedding look is ready for a rock!

It was easier than expected, right? Looking good in the day should not be exhausting. That should come naturally. With this makeup look, you can become the centre of attention for your D-Day as it should be!

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